® A Day in the Life: Memoirs of a Career Motorcycle Mechanic
Thought-provoking glimpses of humanity and observations from inside the industry,
viewed through the eyes of a simple working stiff.

As the title says this is a collection of funny or at least interesting events during my career in the powersports industry. I thought you might like to read some of them. The material is original, and responses are welcome. Enjoy!

The chopper and I

MMI chronicles: A fiery ordeal

My own Adam 12 episode

The radar detector


Broken bones and new vistas

Making lemonade

Highly-Modified Dave

The day I lost my innocence

Le avoirdupois est le mechant

The private party

Student of the little pieces

Using your head

Joe Minton

Making the V4 commercial

A word about mechanics

His beauty was missed

MMI chronicles: Good intentions

MMI chronicles: Magnets

Need more mayo!

Little shavers

My double


The shop in the desert

Bad advice

Magazine mechanics

Norris Barsumian

Service managers

Starsky and Hutch

One night at the shop

The LAPD Auto

The BSA Rocket 4

The signature CBX

On a dare


Checking spark

The hole in one

Norm Henkel

Doing my corner

The oddest place...

The Wasabi attack

Trade Tech


The V65 commercial

Word processing

MMI Chronicles: The drive chain

The valve shims

We meet again

5,000 miles in 10 days


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