® My Name Double

Try this. Google your full name and see how many folks are out there who answer to the same first and last name that you do. My name, Mike Nixon, is claimed by sports figures, lawyers, regular folks, all kinds of people, all over the country and in Europe too. Even if your name is a little unusual, it is easy to find others with the same name. Facebook too, or one of the people search services, will show you the same thing. Most of us share our names with other folks. Even at the little church I am a part of, with fewer than 50 people, five of them are named Sue. We call them by variations on their names! You know, Sue, Susan, Suzie, Bill's Sue, and like that. Well, I once worked for a company where I had a name double. You know, two of us were named Mike Nixon. But that wasn't all. Our birthdates were on the same date, and our start dates with the company were just one day apart on the calendar though a couple years different. Spooky, huh? This caused some problems, as you can imagine. Folks would leave me messages meant for him. The company even got our 401Ks mixed up. And I never knew if contacts and vendors were being confused, as they likely were. What made it worse was the company's HR Dept. was very unsympathetic. The other Mike Nixon finally left the company for greener pastures and things settled down. But for a while there, it was pretty frustrating. And weird.

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