® A Day in the Life: The Drive Chain

I was with MMI for nine years. In the early days we had some really innovative things going on, including optional courses on all kinds of elective subjects, including business management, machine tool use, and high performance engine building using Alexander Bell's Four Stroke Engine Tuning in Theory and Practice as our text. My students were ten months into a year and a half school program. Not freshmen. At about that time finishing up three weeks' focus on two-stroke personal watercraft engines. When I noticed Kevin that morning, I realized I hadn't seen him for, what, two days? During roll call, asked him where he'd been. "In the hospital," he says. Then, with the whole group listening on, Kevin related how he'd accidentally cut one of his fingers off in his garage at home. Lubing his bike's drive chain. With the engine running. And he unhesitatingly admitted it. Oh my!, I think to myself. What am I doing here? True story.

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