® A Day in the Life: The Radar Detector

As a dealer mechanic in metro L.A. shops, I saw a lot of strange things. Dope and guns stashed in with the bikes' owner's manuals. Mouse nests in air filters. Stinking animal entrails embedded into tire treads. And motorcycles that would idle fine one minute and barely tickover the next. One customer's bike had all the washers replaced with chromed, drilled out dimes. And all mechanics can remember bikes that were patently unsafe to ride. Well, one day, I had a bike up on my lift. It was nearing lunchtime and some of the other mechanics were already in the small lunchroom we had off to the side of the shop, beginning to warm their food in a little microwave oven we had in there. All of a sudden, a loud chirping noise was heard in the shop, and shortly it became evident it was coming from he bike on my lift. Turned out the bike had a radar detector on it and it was -- we determined by turning the microwave on and off -- being affected by the microwave less than 10 feet away. Scary. Makes you wonder...

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