® A Day in the Life: The BSA Rocket Four

While a mechanic in the San Fernando Valley under a then-famous and still well-respected service manager to whom folks flocked for their Honda service, I had the opportunity to learn a ton of stuff that has served me well, almost 40 years later. All kinds of interesting jobs came my way, and it was at this time that I began my apprenticeship with Honda's GL1000, which was introduced that year. One remarkable machine that landed on my rack was ridden in by an expat Brit who had struck up an acquaintance with my service manager elsewhere outside the shop. I don't recall his name, but I doubt I will ever forget the bike, despite my having serviced an estimated 25,000 bikes during my career. It was a BSA triple. Not too unusual back then. But this one was unique. You see, it said "Rocket 4" on its gas tank. And it had a Honda 750 four engine in it. I remember noting that some of the engine mounts were handmade aluminum, but other than that all I can remember is how great a combination this was! The lovely architecture of the BSA Rocket, but with the reliability inherent in the Honda engine. A beautiful bike!

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