® A Day in the Life: The Wasabi Attack

I was part of an office meeting at a local Chinese restaurant not so long ago. As the crowd of us found our places around the table, netwoking soon began. Then appetizers arrived and I boldly dished up some hot (Wasabi) mustard onto something, and I mean boldly. Munch munch. What happened next was comical. Mount Vesuvias unleashed its fury in my sinuses, I'm sure my eyes bugged out, and torrents of water cascaded down my face. I felt like a bottle rocket about to launch as I nearly choked trying not to expel egg roll over half the folks at the table, my whole frame contorting, my breath all but taken away. And trying to keep all of this under wraps was about to be proved impossible. Somehow I did manage to ride it out, and after a furtive look around went back to business.

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