® A Day in the Life: Need More Mayo!

I worked alongside some awesomely talented people, and I realize this more and more as the past gets more distant, and I increasingly run up against my own limitations. Mechanics are like all people, I guess, but at the same time I suspect they have a special collection of quirks all their own. One fella, a master at doing very complex work in a very short time - he did all the high performance work for quite a while in that shop, until I started doing some of it -- used to have his head down on a particularly difficult task, building a basket case engine, say, when all of a sudden he would shout out, "Need more mayo!". To a newcomer, it probably sounded pretty bizarre. But once you understood, it made a lot of sense. You know the old saying about making chicken salad out of chicken ***t? It was his way of saying his powers of vehicle repair were being taxed to the limit. That even he, master of the hopeless cause, couldn't pull it off. More mayonnaise was needed.

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