® A Day in the Life: Word processing

I have worked for two corporate Big Four OEM headquarters in my powersports career. The most recent was with Kawasaki Motors Corporation USA, where I was initially a technical instructor and later supervisor, and early on it was American Honda Motor Company, where I was a team member in the Consumer Affairs dept. They were interesting places. One thing that I still marvel at today is that at American Honda (or "AHM", as we called it) writing a letter to someone in connection with company business was an interesting exercise. I would call a certain number on the phone and actually dictate the letter to a recording somewhere in another building, and the next day received the letter beautifully typed out, ready for my signature, with a typed matching envelope. A team of young ladies it turned out transcribed these dictations and delivered them to the writer via interoffice mail. They were then picked up at the end of the day and mailed to whomever you had addressed them to. It seemed so odd and at the same time rather amazing to me every time I did this. Sometimes I did a dozen such letters in a week. Still fascinates me what an odd but efficient thing this was.

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