® A Day in the Life: The Shop in the Desert

I once worked in a shop (that's how mechanics describe the places they wrenched for, we never say "I worked for such and such")...as I say, I once worked at a shop where ninety percent of the work was on dirt bikes. The shop was located out in the desert, and I mean smack in the middle of the dusty, hot, dry California desert. We even serviced machines we weren't dealers for, especially KTMs. I had a wonderfully talented tech working for me then, and all the desert riders for miles around came to us because of him. Well, like I say, it was almost all off-road bikes we worked on, including ATVs, and I guess there wasn't a really reliable shop anywhere nearby. But looking back, there was a special irony about that shop. You see, while we had virtually all dirt bike clients, the shop was nonetheless named after the nearest interstate freeway. I still wonder about that.

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