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Here's the deal. We both know that you aren't supposed to take things and republish them without permission. Publishing on the Internet is still publishing, and has been declared equal to paper publishing by the courts, with all that implies. Copyright itself is of course nothing more than a declaration of intent to recover damages, in the event that intellectual material is proven to have been reused without permission. It so happens I can prove the origin of most of my material. For one thing, I wrote much of it for a couple of magazines decades ago. I also have notorized copies, and other authetications of origin. Later, I had a book contract and all the legal burden that went with that. Further, my website went commercial in 2005, when I began selling material on the site. Therefore, copyright law, which allows damages equal to the presumed number of sales lost, will be even more in my favor, should I chose to pursue it. Will I pursue it? I might. You are taking a chance. I will tell you right away that some of my work I deem valuable enough to guard the rights to.

All I ask is that you ask. Email me. I am friendly. In most cases, I will gladly let you use the material, as long as the following conditions are met (but still ask!).

1. First, I will ask that you not simply duplicate the article, but rather publish on your site a brief summary of the article, including its relevance to your readers. I will gladly help you with this, if you would like help. This is not a problem.

2. Second, attach to that summary a direct hyperlink to the article on my site. In other words, when your reader clicks on the link, it should open my article on my website, not on yours.

3. Third, please also attach to the summary a "mailto" hyperlink to my email, carbrebuilder@gmail.com. I get a considerable amount of mail regarding my material. I prefer that questions and comments about the topics come to me.

That's it. I don't think this is too much to ask. However, if you do, then please remove my material from your site. I will not apologize for having to take this position. It has been forced upon me by the inconsiderate actions of others.

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