® A Day in the Life: My Own Adam 12 Episode

I was blessed to work in a few shops where I did police bike maintenence. And no, we were prohibited from turning on the siren, even on a test ride, though I did once or twice. :). Well, one day, a week after another mechanic had done a clutch cable replace on a particular copsickle, I got it for a tire change. Got it done, took it for a test tide. In the middle of the ride, the clutch quit working. Stranded me a couple miles from the shop. If you recall how KZ1000s were built, their clutch systems used a three-ball cam clutch throwout setup. They were touchy about adjustment and prone to overcentering. Wouldn't you know, the previous tech misadjusted it and it over-centered, leaving me without a clutch. Pushing this fully city-outfitted black and white bike back to the shop, suddenly I am surrounded by patrol cars, and some of the officers are even crouched behind their car doors. I finally did get through to them who I was and all, but they still gave me an escort back to the shop. Exciting times were had by all!

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