® Day in the Life: One Night at the Shop

The customer was experiencing repeated flat tires on his Honda ATV. So seeking to make sure our customer wouldn't immediately have tire troubles again, I stayed after work at the dealership one night and rode the machine around in a nearby dirt field a little. It was coming onto midnight before I did it, because I had other work that I needed to catch up on also, and the shop was in a really sketchy part of L.A. But I really didn't think much of it. Until a police helicopter came overhead and shot their spotlight on me just as I was leaving the field and riding back to the shop. Shortly after there was a knock on the shop door, and opening it, I found myself looking down the bore of a police automatic. I guess law enforcement in this area was pretty jumpy. It gave me a pretty good scare there for a minute, you can believe it. As I recall it was the last late night I spent at the shop.

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