® Engine rebuild highlights

This is a celebration of quality engine rebuild work on several vintage Honda models. The theme is best practice, the right way. Click on an image to expand it into a description.

70s Honda 450/500T

Honda CBX1000

Honda 1st-Gen DOHC Four

Honda 350F/400F/500/550 Four

Recommended reading:
CB350F page
CB500/550 page
CB500 engine rebuild
CB450/500T page
GL1000 page
CBX1000 page
Early DOHC page
Cylinders done right
Valve jobs done right
Valve job tools
Cylinder heads
Valve springs and things
Engine assembly
High performance engine secrets
Cylinder compression chapter 1
Cylinder compression chapter 2
Cylinder compression chapter 3
Cylinder compression chapter 4
High performance ignition coils

Last updated June 2023
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