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One or two of my customers, apparently having spent a scarce minute or two on my website, have said to me, "Man, you really hate sohc4.net, don't you?!" Sigh. Actually, no, I don't. Not in the sense that they mean. It is plain that these folks haven't become educated about their vintage Honda fours beyond what is wrongly disseminated on the sohc4 forum. That's sad. If they had, they wouldn't view what I have written about the forum as hating. They would understand it is simply reparitive, defensive, instructive rebuttal.

But I will accept calling it hate in one sense. Here in the southwest we have a serious problem with Javelinas. Terribly repugnant, odorous creatures visibly similar to wild boars, with their fearlessly belligerent nature and five-inch fangs they mercilessly slaughter dogs, root into gardens, frequently break into structures and pose enough threat to people that it isn't wise to walk your own property in the pre-dawn morning without a firearm. If I am allowed to hate and work against the mere presence of this offensive creature, then I can do the same in regard to the patently unreasonable, effectively malicious presence of the sohc4.net forum. It is little different from the destructive Javelina.

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