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The motorcycle user forum sohc4.net is out of control. This vintage Honda four forum is being held captive at the mercy of a handful of unqualified "experts" who as the queen said, insist that you "believe six impossible things before breakfast." Impossible because they're untrue, made up, unreliable. While many if not most enthusiast forums exhibit some measure of caustic malevolence, sohc4 is way over the top. This site's content is especially egregious in that so many owners of these machines arrive at their virtual doorstep each day, technical waifs really, only to be led even further astray by forum authorities pretending to be experts but in reality dealing in entirely extemporaneous advice. Sohc ("soak") is indeed broke. Bankrupt. Of ideals, of worth, of value. And most of all, of anything worthy of your respect and confidence. Don't believe anything that is said on this forum, but especially about two things in particular. First, about Honda sohc four electrical systems. Whether charging or ignition, the advice of this forum's leaders in this area is just plain ludicrous. Even comical. Second, about proper OEM-spec engine restoration and maintenance techniques. Hardly a word is factual.


Wow. Incredible. This is such a dramatic example. There are multiple errors here. And this is from one of the authorities of this particular forum. And yes, Mark and I have communicated. Go here for a critique of Mark's CB750 maintenance book. Far from an isolated example, this is what you subject yourself to when you believe the things forums tell you. Here are just a few of the facts. First, the factory cast iron valve guides are the longest wearing of any type you could possibly use, and measurably, hugely, longer-wearing than any bronze guides. Second, lead in the fuel has as much to do with this issue as the man on the moon. No vintage Honda four-cylinder was ever manufactured that needed or benefitted from tetra-ethel lead. And oil in the gas? No way. Every professional mechanic knows better.


This is incorrect. The slot in the cam chain tensioner of a CB550 is indeed there for turning. Pro Honda techs use the same factory tool that is used to adjust the valves.

So the engine has to be machined to make the head gasket not leak, huh? Funny I have never had to do that, and no one I know has either. Use quality head gaskets. Vesrah and Athena aren't doing you any favors.


"Doesn't generate enough power to run these coils." Oh, then all of who did this both back in the day and in modern times have been hallucinating. There were so many CB550s running around in the 70s with Gold Wing and Dyna 2-Ohm coils it would make this poster's head spin. And there are plenty today, including my own bike.



This is from another sohc4.net "authority" whose username is twotired. Does anyone actually believe this? There almost aren't words for this other than stupidity. Sorry, no other way to say it. And worse than stupid, it's deceptive.



This is astonishingly bad. Like one of those picture puzzles where you are supposed to find out how many things are wrong in the picture. The CB650 does not have CDI. It takes more than knowing the primary resistance to determine an ignition coil's output voltage. Much more. Further, that output voltage is the potential (and theoretical) peak, not what the plugs will consistently see. Finally, recommending carbon resistive plug wire for a bike that does not need and cannot benefit from it is ridiculously naive.



First, you have no business using "gasket kits". Why would you do that? And, let's be logical for a moment. Does this mean if you don't use those special o-rings and the junk head gaskets the engine will leak oil? All of the mechanics that use neither are doing it wrong and their engines are leaking? You know the answer.


I realize of course the whole forum is not at fault. It's made up of mostly innocent people. As with any organization, it's the leadership that is responsible, that sets the tone, the ethic, of the group. And that's what I have against the forum. Innocent people being totally mislead by tin gods, very vocal individuals pretending to be authorities but in reality virtually clueless.

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