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Since the early 70s I have made a living in the powersports industry. Trained at what was at the time the nation's most respected two-year mechanics school; followed by Honda and Kawasaki factory certification (1983 and 2005, respectively, with Honda re-certification in 2003) as well as scores of Yamaha, Suzuki, and Harley-Davidson courses; a metro (L.A. and Phoenix) area (authorized dealer and independent) mechanic for well over fifteen straight years; for five years a trainer for the well-known Motorcycle Mechanics Institute; afterward for a number of years MMI's system-wide curriculum developer with oversight over both campuses and more than 4,000 hours of content; later for eight years an instructional designer at Kawasaki's U.S. headquarters as well as a roving trainer that traveled across the country delivering instruction at venues of many types; and for three more years acting manager of Kawasaki dealer training tasked with the operation of six full-time training centers, 50 satellite locations, eight travelling trainers, equipment, vehicles, supplies, technician certification, training logistics, and the creation of training content both live and online for Kawasaki's entire U.S. 2,000-dealer community. Today I specialize in the restoration of a limited selection of vintage Honda carburetors.

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