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I have written elsewhere about the toxic, incestuous nature of motorcycle user forums. See the links below. Recently another user forum decided to make me personna non grata. Was it because I espoused technical ideas contrary to the accepted norm? Nope. They allowed me a byline and even though I slaughtered a lot of technical sacred cows in it over a period of several years, that wasn't what turned them against me. They were actually quite tolerant. Was it because I defamed their favored son on the forum, not only a self-proclaimed expert but an advertiser of long standing? No, actually I scrupulously avoided doing that, though it would have been an easy thing to do as the individual is an overrated iconoclast in the industry. No, the forum shut me down when its owner discovered that a few years ago I posted on my website a critique of a technical video this rather famous person produced in which he promotes a handful of technical fallacies.

This is the way in every powersports forum. Rebuke instead of rebuttal. Shame instead of objective debate. Do not touch the sacred cow.

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