® Powersports orphans

YouTubers, Facebookers and others who rely heavily on social media and similar forms of electronic influence come to vintage motorcycling with a devastating handicap. The knowledge and intelligence of generations of powersports authorities is to them a closed book, an unimagined world. Media hostages don't comprehend that world, can't assimilate it, in fact will likely never see it, residing as they do in the dank, dark, iconoclastic and incestuous climate of the motorcycle user forum.

The wisdom of electronic media is perniciously not wise. Pooled ignorance and mass opinion withers under the bright light of expertise, and confident in their deception, user forums are glibly unaware that their most cherished beliefs are at odds with reality, and that an entire environment exists that they know nothing about. They are powersports orphans, waifs, abandoned and cut off from the larger powersports community, adrift in an atmosphere that is rebellious, counterfeit, and holographic.

Last updated December 2021
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