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Carburetor Rebuilding

The bike runs absolutely perfect! All I had to do was slightly adjust the idle. I am thoroughly impressed. It is smooth throughout the rpm's with no dead spots. While riding it pulls clean and hard and also behaves at steady RPM's as well.
Lucas Collins

Mike, gotta tell you the result of your [CBX] carb rebuild. Ready? Flawless! Couldn't be better. All I had to do was adjust the idle. Thank you for a great job!
Shop owner in CT

Mike, you repaired and rebuilt my 79 CBX carbs over the winter and just want to let you know I couldn’t be any happier. From day one they performed perfectly with barely an idle adjustment. Thanks again. You’re a class act!
Rick in NJ

Nice job on the [1981 CBX] carbs! Stated immediately. Didn't even have to touch the idle. Perfect!
Albert in Calif

Very satisfied! Bike [GL1100] started right up and idled good, didn't have to touch anything. Best of all my dead cylinder came to life. All seem to be working equally and I put 10 miles on it this morning and it was much more enjoyable than ever before. Good job dude!
Rod Smith

You really done good again this time. Finally had some nice enough weather to put the carbs you rebuilt for me on the CB550K, and some other things it needed. Just the lightest tap on the starter button, and the bike fires right up, and runs great through the entire rpm range. Thanks!!!
David in NY

Mike, my bike [1981 CB750] hasn't run this good in 35 years! I just wanted you to know. Thank you for the great work. I'll be sure to tell others.
John Amber

Good Morning Mike. Just wanted to give you some feedback regarding the CBX Carb rebuild service you recently provided. All in all a great experience. You kept me apprised of the progress along the way, when the carbs arrived the packing was excellent, and the carbs looked great. Installation went fairly smoothly and your video about hooking up the throttle cables was very helpful. Although the bike had not been started and was neglected for 8-9 years it started right up and idled perfect. The test drive went great with no issues. The bike runs flawlessly , with smooth power and a great sound. Looking forward to logging some miles on her. Thanks very much for great customer service experience.
Jeff Bates

From a bike shop in Minnesota: Customer picked up his GL1100 Goldwing today. He was really impressed with how good it ran and how nice the carburetors look. Called me after he drove it home 30 miles, and he said it never ran so good. Said he cracked the throttle, up to 80 just like that! Thanks again.

My CX500 you did the carbs for has been sitting for a few years without running. I didn't drain the carbs. Yesterday, I rolled it out. Though I treated the gas like you told me to, I figured I was going to have trouble. Pushed the start button and it fired right up! It runs great! Thanks!
J.M. Cook

Mike, you "massaged" the carbs for my 1986 Honda VFR750F Interceptor over this past summer. Once I installed them I knew they were fixed, because the bike idled beautifully. I have never ridden a bike that carbureted so well, super smooth, awesome! So sweet, after nine months of owning this bike, I found out how it is supposed to run. Thank you!

Hi mike, the CB400F is back! Whatever was wrong is no longer there. Smooth, powerful, just perfect. Thanks again, and watch out for another Starbucks card coming your way!
Nick in Calif

I finally got enough time to finish the Sabre V65, and with many thanks to you, it is running better now than it has in all of the years I've owned it. Nice job on the carbs. The choke now works as it should and the only adjustment I needed to make was a very slight one with the idle speed. Thanks also for the tips on valve adjustment.

Put the carbs on my 1978 CB750K. It fired right up, checked with sync gauges, perfect balance. Runs like a charm. Can't say enough about Nixon's professionalism. Save yourself a lot of trouble and grief and get it done right the first time.
Ricki Brown

Hey mike. Got my [GL1500] carbs on and it purrs like a kitten.

Followed your video on cable installs and overall tips sheet. Runs out really nice. Instant starts. Plugs nice light tan. Can't say enough good about it. A1+
Mike Mercer

Hello Mike. I finally finished the engine rebuild and got it running. Just wanted to let you know that you did a great job on the CB1100F carb rebuild. The bike starts and runs better than new. Can't wait to get it on the road.
Tom in Mass

Hi, Mike! I received my CB1100R carbs today, and could not wait to get them on. They have been mounted and engine started up. And I'm very pleased to tell you that its spinning like new. Thanks a lot for the outstanding efford you put into my carbs.
Best regards

Hi Mike!! I got the carbs on and went for a nice 60 mile ride. They perform and look wonderful!! Thank you so much.
David in TN

I just received my 1979 Honda CBX carburetors back from Mike Nixon at the Motorcycle Project and the quality of the rebuild far exceeded my very high expectations. Mike had his work cut out taking my badly abused carbs and fully restoring them to their original glory. I had planned on doing the restoration myself, having some experience of restoring motorcycles, but quickly realized I didn't have the tools or the knowledge to be successful. I called Mike and he explained the entire process. He kept me updated on his progress and offered various solutions to the issues he discovered. The finished item is unbelievably beautiful and has made the complete restoration of my 79 Honda CBX an infinitely simpler proposition. I highly recommend his services for fellow CBXers.
Andrew Walsh, FL

Great job Mike, the [CBX] carbs are beautiful and they work great! [You] turned out to be honest and the real deal, which was a welcome change from the motorcycle "mechanics" that I crossed paths with here in CA
Kurt Griffin

Mike, you rebuilt the carbs for my CBX earlier in the year and I have been meaning to write to you. I wanted to let you know it runs great. The bike never really idled down and now when you release the throttle, it just drops right back to idle. Thanks again, great job!

Mike, you are quite the mechanic. Put it all back together today. This CBX sounds like brand new. Adjusted the idle and it is so smooth it is great. It was well worth the expense. Look forward to many days of riding. THANK YOU!
Tommy in Arkansas

I have spent the last few days installing the carbs, putting the bike back together and checking all the settings. The CBX fired up right away, I set the idle and went for a ride. The bike ran better than it has ever run before, no hesitation when starting off, smooth and predictable acceleration; I couldn't be happier. Thank-you for getting my carbs running correctly!
Rick in Canada

Bike [Venture 1200] is running amazingly smooth. Well done on the carbs!!
Tim in Oklahoma

It [CB1] is running better than it ever has. Smooth power delivery. Steady idle. You sir are a master. I could not be more pleased. I can't wait to put some miles on her and ride it like it has always deserved. Thanks again Mike.
Sam in Texas

Oh my! My bike [CB350 twin] runs like a dream! No lugging in any gear; no leaks anywhere. Simply put, the bike runs and rides better than we could have anticipated. Love the throttle responsiveness. An absolute pleasure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the little Honda. Unbelievable.
Marty in IL

She [VF700] fired up and runs perfect! Thanks again! I'll be sure to run Sta-Bil in it.
Noah in Minnesota

I got the [CBX] carbs in and everything is running great, all I had to do is adjust the idle. I could not be happier with the results. It was a real pleasure doing business with you. Many thanks.
Scott Waggener

Nice!! Bike [BMW R80] runs great! You did your usual beautiful work again. Thank you so very much!
David in NY

Mike, I have about 300 miles on it now - I don't think it could run any better than it is. This is a happy Honda Four. It immediately fires up the instant I hit the starter button and responds without hesitation at any rpm, no misfires or flat spots. All four cylinders pulling very hard at all speeds and at idle settles right down to a steady even purr at 1200. I checked the mileage after going 182 miles before reserve and am getting 47 mpg - I didn't think I would get more than 40. Couldn't be happier with the way this thing is running! Thanks very much for your fine work, Mike!
Bill Antell

Well, I don't even know what to say other than you do amazing work. I finally fueled them up [CL350 twin] and the bike started immediately. After a bit of adjusting it idled perfectly. I cannot thank you or praise your work enough. You will hear from me again with more work. I am so truly happy and on cloud 9. This has been such a long journey but the pay-off is so sweet. I think you can guess who will be doing the carb for it if I choose to take on another project. Very sincerely.
Tony Solberg

I'm ecstatic! I've never heard a CBX run before. It runs perfectly. Snappy throttle! Idle smooth as silk. All exhaust temps equal. No difficulty during reassembly after reading your articles. Thank you so much for getting me through this. Perfect job!
Pete VonWedel

Hi, Mike! It [CBX1000] idles perfect, 850-900rpm. It is first time with this bike when I have really good idle, thanks to you for the good job!! Bike runs good and it is easy drive and easy to start too!!
Osmo in Finland

Hi Mike. My wife and I took the first ride (a little over 200 miles) on my GL1100 after reinstalling the carbs you rebuilt. All I can say is THANK YOU!!!!!! When I first contacted you I told you that my bike had been running fine, but had developed a fuel leak. I was obviously wrong, my bike was definitely not running well back then. The only change made to the bike is the carb rebuild, and it is running more smoothly than ever, with a noticeable increase in power and a 19.2% increase in fuel mileage as compared to the best mileage I have ever gotten on the Wing. I averaged just a little over 37 MPG, with about 40 miles in Washington DC Metro traffic congestion, and the balance around 70MPH. I will definitely be recommending The Motorcycle Project to anybody requiring your services. Thank you again Mike for the quality of service, the help, advice, and just for making this project most enjoyable and successful. God bless.
Andrew Befumo

Got the carbs on the bike [1999 CB750] and put the gas tank and the airbox on. It is running fantastic. Pulls very strong in all gears and idles very smooth with no hesitation when I crack the throttle. It also seems to be getting better fuel economy. Thanks for the great work.
Dominick in FL

Mike, Happy New Year! I wanted to drop you a line letting you know the rebuilt [1981 CB650] carbs are working out great. I was able to install them before the icy cold weather descended and was able take the bike out for a few long rides. It's dead perfect! Thank you for helping me finally getting this bike running correctly. Another very satisfied customer.
David Whiting

Mike -- Got the KTM450 carb back on. Fired right up, runs great! Much cleaner than before. 12 years takes its toll. Excellent. Thanks again.
Nick in Calif

Mike: I just wanted to share with you how great your rebuild services were for me. This was a special situation in that this 1980 CB750 has high sentimental value -- I am the original owner, buying it my first week after college graduation! It sat for about five years with fuel in the carb system and the carbs were quite clogged. I brought it to two shops which were both unsuccessful in making it run properly. I knew from your website guidance that since the electrical system and compression values were within normal ranges that I was pretty safe assuming my woes came from serious carburetion problems. So, I sent them to you. I had a great experience during the rebuild; you sent several update emails, and your last email was perfect as it included specific instructions and fuel additive options. Wonderful! During reinstallation, you were there sending me emails as to what to do to get everything perfect! A great side benefit was simply the fantastic exterior cleaning you did on the carbs -- they look brand new! Riding this bike now feels like 1980 all over again! 9,500 RPM NEVER sounded so smooth and sweet! Thank You Mike!
Leonard in Calif

Good day Mike. A couple years ago you rebuilt our four carbs for our father/son 1975 CB550 cafe racer project. It is finally finished and I wanted to say thank you for your part in the project. The bike ran nearly perfectly on first start, I tweaked only one carb by only a needle width. Hope you have a blessed Chirstmas.
Mike Bunn, NC

Finally got all the [VF500F] body parts on and went for a ride to get some gas. Bike throttle response is really good and it idles fine. Did some quick stops to see if I could make it stall but it runs fine no stalling. Starts right up also. So thanks for all your help, I think the carb work really helped.
Joe in NY

Hello Mike, yup as expected. Installed the [VF1000F] carbs on the big v4 and fired right up. Idles perfect and runs strong at any rpm. Thanks again Mike!
Mario in L.A.

Installed the [CB550] carbs, installed the tank, put in the battery and she fired right up first try. Set the idle and took it out for a spin, the bike ran great and pulled hard all the way up. Thanks for the work on the carbs, I'm very happy with them.

Hello Mike...installed carbs on the [CB1] 400 and it started right up and revs clean to red line. THANKS!!!!
Mario in L.A.

Mike, I got my K1 [CB750] back on the road this weekend and I wanted to follow up with you on the carb rebuild you did for me last August. It is amazing how good the bike runs again. It starts and idles like a charm. The throttle response is excellent and it pulls hard all the way to the redline. All I did is mount them and set the idle rpm at 1000. Just as you said, no sychronization was needed. Used your ignition book to set up the points and time, dwell the thing. I learned a lot about the old girl. Thank you for you quality service and know how!
Dale Calvert

I could not find a shop local to me that would rebuild my ST1100 carburetors. I contacted Mike by text and also called and discussed the symptoms of my bike's poor performance. I sent in my carburetors and received a text from Mike the moment he received them, another text after he began working on them, and another text letting me know they had been shipped and provided a tracking number with insurance. I can't tell you how much peace it gave me to have this kind of communication. Once I received my carburetors back, I was amazed at how clean they looked. They looked nearly brand new. Mike even included a "Tip Sheet" on best practices when reinstalling carburetors to insure peak performance. After I reinstalled my freshly renewed carburetors my bike woke up and idled and ran as smooth as silk. In the 8 years I've owned this bike this is the best it's ever performed. I highly recommend Mike Nixon at "The Motorcycle Project" for any of your motorcycle carburetor repair needs. Thanks Mike!!
Jarrett Wharton

Mike I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how good of a job you did to these [ST1100] carbs! I got them on and running. Beautiful! Thanks again!
Mike Nelson

It has been a while since I received the carbs but as this is a project bike, it wasn't ready for a test run. But the last few days I have been riding and have about 50 miles or so on the carbs. I am very pleased. Instant start, instant throttle response, roll off to slow idle is quick and dependable. And the bike makes a lot of go! Thanks again!
Gary in TX

Just started the CBX for the first time since the carbs came back. It starts right up and idles smoother than I can ever remember. You know, it's amazing how much nicer it is riding a CBX when it runs right. I think it ran as well or better than it ever has. Can hardly hear that 39 year old clutch rattle. I didn't even think about checking sync. With all the trouble I have had this summer, I was feeling like it is time to try to find it a good new home. After that short ride, I am thinking I should keep it a while. It was really nice today.
S. Holter, MN

Mike, I realized I never got back to you on the carb job. Bike started right up, adjusted the idle..PERFECT! I want to thank you and I will spread the word.
P. Chetwynd

Mike, I was about to bail on the [CB750SC) but I decided to put my trust in The Motorcycle Project and see it through. The majority of my career was as an automotive engine machinist and auto service center owner and to be honest, I've never paid anyone to do any kind of mechanical repair for me, I did it myself. I'm glad I found you, this bike runs like a sewing machine!!! Thanks for your expertise and hard work.
Joe in NJ

Mike, hi, just a quick note to let you know the [CB750K4] carbs are installed, the motor runs smooth and strong, like a brand new 750!! The carbs are fantastic! No longer need to adjust the clutch, the carbs seemed to fix everything. Thanks again. I'll refer you to anyone I can.
Brad in Idaho

[The DOHC 750 carbs]...were outstanding! Fired right up, adjusted the idle, warmed the bike up with a fan running, synced the carbs, which was minor. Runs great, no more flat spot, etc. Another set of carbs headed your way before too long. Thanks for the great work and fast service.
Nils, friend and shop owner

The [CB550] carbs are incredible! They could be in a museum!
Brian Leonovicz

Ok. Installed carbs, fresh fuel, Sta-Bil, checked everything I'm finally running on all four cylinders. Acceleration is great. No popping, chuffing, or complaining. I don't have to sneak up on 7000 RPMs. Yay. Thanks a ton!
Aaron Chatagnier

I installed the carbs you did recently for my 900F on the weekend. I thought it ran ok before, now it ticks over like a Swiss watch and revs cleanly all the way to over 7000rpms. Not that I expected any less, that's why I sent them to you.
Peter Davey

It [CB750C] runs like a Swiss Watch! I hooked up my sync. tool and they were so close I didn't even crack a jam nut! Thanks!
John DeMaria

Great [GL1000] carbs, and even greater service! And an education to boot! Thanks Mike!
Dave Stratton

Just got the bike [GL1000] running in the last couple days. After new points & condenser and making the right adjustments, it fired right up and runs great! Need to rebuild the brakes and wait for a warm day to take it for a ride. I'll keep you posted. Thanks so much for a great job rebuilding my carbs.
Phillip Pummell

Good Morning Mike, I installed the [VF500] carbs, cables, air box and new filter & put the tank on. Gassed it up and it started and ran steady at 1,500 RPM. I let it warm up. The throttle response is instant. This was the first time I have heard the bike run since I have owned it. Such sweet music to hear all 4 cylinders working in unison.
Barry Avery, GA

Mike, hey! Fresh gas, started [GL1000]. Drove around for about 1 hour. Smooth. No leak. No glitch at takeoff. I'm happy. Especially after all the trouble I had with ignition and all, you helped more than I would be able to pay you. My money was well spent with you.
Peter Alamo, CA

Good morning Mike. I got the carbs back on the [GL1100] Gold Wing last night. The bike awoke from its 3 year hibernation without a glitch. It's idling at about 900 rpm and I didn't have to touch a thing. Thanks again for your excellent work.
Doug Ferguson

Mike, Just a quick note to thank you for the terrific job you did on my CBX carburetors and the advice and support you offered when I had experienced problems. Thanks!
Dan Bresett, CA

Hi Mike! Carbs installed in the VFR and it runs like a brand new bike!!! You are an absolute wizard!!! Thank so much!!! I will definitely send you the ZR1100 carbs when I get to that project! Which is soon!!!
Matti, WA

Hi, Mike just to let you know I got the cb650 running today, runs great, thank you for your help and quick service. I also went through the Ignition per your page. It's raining real bad. Can't wait. Thanks.
Gary Lake fired up instantly. Your carb work is absolutely phenomenal and the bike sounds like a caged demon ready to be cut loose. Your services were worth every penny and I will not hesitate to recommend you to everyone I can. I cannot thank you enough for your willingness to go above and beyond not just fixing my carbs, but to make sure my bike runs the way it should.
Will Mullendore

Mike, I checked the vacuum hoses as you suggested, ended up replacing some hoses and hose clamps. Then I checked everything according to the factory service manual - checked good. Mike, the [GL1500] carburetors are perfect! Thanks! I wish I knew about you before those other idiots worked on it. Refreshing to find someone that knows what he's doing. Thanks so very much.
Bill Gaffney

I have about 200 miles on it [1981 CBX] now and it is running flawlessly. I am sure a good part of the reason is the carb work you did for me. Thanks for doing a great job on my carbs. It is very much appreciated!
Bob Behan

All back together and the bike [BMW R25/3] runs great! Thanks again!
Peter Brunner

Hello Mike. I hope this email finds you and yours well. Just wanted to let you know that my latest CBX project runs. You did the carbs a little while ago. She started up with one short push on the starter button!! So, thanks again for your terrific work!
Ruud Wijnen

Mike, I just did my first 86 miles, and it [CB750 DOHC] runs AMAZING!!! It fired right up, and just purrs at all speeds. Thank you soooo much again for your hard work.
Ryan Kler

It [CB750 SOHC] sounds beautiful and still mean. I love it. Thank you for doing such a good job mike. I need to get an exhaust now then I'll record a video in case you'd like to hear it.
Clayton Murray

Mike, the [CB500 Four] carbs are fantastic! Great experience from start to finish. Not only did you do a fantastic job on the carbs but your guidance and knowledge on a host of other issues that I encountered on this old bike has been invaluable. Thanks!
Joe Alfano, FL

I want to thank you again for the great job you did on my [CB750C] carburetors! I just had to set the idle, the engine ran good and also quit vibrating at 55 mph. For the first time the exhaust manifolds all came up to heat even. It was fantastic! If you need any recommendations, please use this information. Your work was extremely appreciated.
Rusty, OH

Awesome job Mike - THANK YOU. She [CB750F2] runs like the day I bought her - maybe better. Starts good and runs like a spotted ass ape once she is warmed up.
Gary Herring, TX

Mike, here's a video of my 75 CB750. The first time I pushed the starter button, vroom! I still can't believe how it started!
Nick Warhol

Mike, got the carb a couple of days ago, just had the time to install it. Carb was super clean and when the bike was all back together it fired right up. Idle adjusted and bike runs fine. Thank you very much for your time and skills.
Mike, NY

Absolutely stunning, Mike! I put them [CBX carbs] on, finished up the exhaust and wiring and cables and everything, and wham, the bike started right up and with the choke off settled into a perfect idle! I was amazed! I didn't have to touch a thing. What a relief after all the frustration of trying to do it myself! I sure appreciate your effort and expertise, not to mention all the advice concerning carb removal and install. Mike, thanks!
William Adler, NV

Mike, just got them [CBX] back on and it started right up. I'm impressed!
Wyatt, NM

Hi mike, I finally got the bike back together. Excellent job on the [GL1100] carbs, it runs amazing, so smooth and instant throttle response!
Jason Dwyer

I put the carbs on the CBX today and she purrs like a kitten. No more clutch rattle. Great job!
Graham Eves

Mike the bike [85 Honda CB700SC] is up and running and sounds great thanks again.
Henry Castillo

Mike, you did a fantastic job on the [ST1100] carbs. It runs great and is very smooth. Thanks again Mike and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.
Hank Verkek

Wow!! was like Christmas. What a thing of beauty to see the carbs all so perfect. It was a hard decision to entrust someone to do this rebuild of my carbs right and you certainly did not disappoint. Very nice job and I will be using your services for future carb needs. Thanks again Mike. GOOD JOB!
William Adler

Hi mike, I'm impressed! I got it all together and it started in 10 cranks of the starter with about one third choke. I bumped the idle up a hair and it's perfect. It runs really well, no leaks, just great. Thanks for the great work, and I'll be sending you the carbs from my next one.
You rebuilt two sets of 750 carbs for me mid last year. I finally finished one of my project bikes a few weeks ago and thought I'd send you a couple of pics as you requested. Once I sorted out a couple of electrical issues the bike fired up straight away and ran perfectly. I'm very happy with the service I received and the end result of your work.
Peter Davey

Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I've gotten the bike out on the road and your carburetor overhaul worked miracles. The ST [ST1100] is performing flawlessly! What a joy to ride now. Thanks again.
Stephen Boutilier

I've ridden the bike [VF500] for about 20 miles so far. I'm in the process of getting it registered and the DMV is really a hassle, so I ride it around the block occasionally. The bike runs great! The motor always starts with just one push of the starter button, purrs like a kitten and sounds great when revved. I think the best thing I did was to have you rebuild the carbs. Thanks!
Ed Boisits

Well I couldn't stand the thought of my rebuilt carbs sitting on the workbench for up to two weeks before I got time to put them on the bike. So I took this afternoon off and did the job. Just returned from the test ride. The bike runs perfect! Starts easy, idles well and has good power through all gears and rpms. In my book I got what I paid for. The bike now runs as good as it looks. I got the impression on the Internet that you were a pro. Now I can personally confirm it. Your communication was excellent and your work speaks for itself. Thanks for a job well done!
Bob Behan, MN

Well Mike, I installed the carbs last night and, only took a few seconds to get the bike started. Great throttle response and ticks over lovely. It used to be a case of cranking the bike for a few minutes to get it started but thankfully not any more. Got the bike out for a spin today and sounded sweet. Ticked over so smooth. Well worth paying for your expert hand and Looking forward to years of trouble free riding. Thanks again.
Barry Sheehan

After a few cranks, she [CB550K7] fired right up and seems to idle nicely...took it up and down the street a couple times and it sounded great. Nice job!
Joey Kerxhalli

I'm impressed!! I don't think that I've ever encountered anyone in this business with your level of customer service!
Ethan Trull

Hi Mike. Thanks for another great job on the last set of CBX carbs you rebuilt for me. The bike fired right up and purred like a kitten.
Well known performance shop

I was finally ready to start and ride the bike, with the [VF500C] carbs you rebuilt. It runs great. I had to increase the idle a hair, but that was all. You did a great job.
Gary Zimmerman

Mike, the GL1000 you helped resurrect [with carburetor rebuilding] is running great and my son thinks it's the coolest bike on the planet!
Randy Eichholtz

Installed everything and followed your suggestions and it [GL1200] started right up and definately runs much much better. Thanks for the great work and so far have given your name to 3 others.
Tim Curry

Finished installing carbs last night and cranked her up and she purrs like a kitten! Adjusted the idle and she sounds real good. You did a fantastic job and I thank you. I still need to put some new tires on her to be road ready but I expect I'll have her on the road real soon.
Dale Foreman

The Wing [1975 GL1000] runs great. You do very nice work.
Bart Iden, AZ

Just wanted to let you know after the fantastic ['75 GL1000] carb rebuild you completed, I had the radiator serviced, new coolant, new plugs, new timing belts, new throttle cables, change of gas & oil. A bike that sat in storage for just over 12 years fired up and ran like a new watch. Many thanks for your help. Pictures are attached. I do have just a little wiring to complete and it will be ready for the road.
Fred Waller, CA

I got the carbs [1975 CB750] back from you today and everything went back together well. The bike runs excellent and only took a small idle adjustment. Thank you Mike!
Craig Buness

The bike ran beautiful when i started it, no rattle at all. It is amazing that it runs so great without any adjustments to carbs, honor to You. Thanks again for the great restoration of [DOHC 750] carbs.
Terje Almedal

I don't think I told you that the new gas cap solved the problems I was experiencing during my last ride. The 1100F runs like a champ now, and it have the confidence to ride it anywhere, now. A buddy and I were out last Friday during a beautiful afternoon, having about a 100 mile ride across our surrounding counties. The Honda purred/roared throughout.
Mike Kroeker, KS

Mike, the bike [GL1200] fired right up. Runs great. Adjusted idle. Perfect. Very exciting!!
Tim Greeff

Wow! Got the carbs [GL1000] installed today and this thing runs awesome! Popped right off and goes like a raped ape. Fantastic job! Thanks Mike!
Tyler Oester, WA

Hi , Mike. Well I finally got the Honda [CB750K8] fired up today after much anticipation. I have to tell you the carbs are purring like kittens!!! I really did not even have to do much adjusting to them except turn the idle down a hair! I have to say thank you so much for your expertise and help!
Rick Silberman, CA

How's it going? Just wanted to update you on the GL1000 project. You did a fantastic job on the carbies. It idles like a kitten and acceleration is like silk!
Rick Carrano, NY

Well, after getting the coils attached, fired up immediately. Everything is doing what it should... It's a very good ride - pulls strongly, smooth, mirrors rock steady at any rpm, brakes are perfect (your book helped me through that project too)... Thanks for the help.
Bill Mills, MI

Finally got to the CBX up to first start - once the carbs were charged it went first time and just adjusted the idle so thanks for a great result. Here's the wonderful noise...
Allen Lusk, VA

Bike [CB750K8] runs awesome!! Thanks so much!!!
Kevin Jones, CA

I installed the carbs on the CB1000 Monday. This is my third '94 CB1000 and I have to tell ya, this one runs better than the others. Way! Man - no more than five seconds on the starter and the CB fired up and runs smooth. A quick idle speed adjustment and I haven't had to mess with them again. Truly a plug and play bank of carburetors. Your communication throughout the process and on time delivery were very much appreciated. You made things easy on me and the bike runs great. Thank you!
Lou Bottini, CA

I finally got a chance to put the carbs on today.... Waited for the bowls to fill and.....poof.... It idles like a watch... Thank you Mike Nixon....
Jeffrey (Jebby) Gadiant, TX

Wow! It [CBX] spools up like it never did before! Throttle is seamless, no matter the gear, no hitches, unbelievable! Thank you!
[And two years alter...] It is has been about 2 years that you rebuilt my CBX carbs ( live in VA in Chesapeake). Put about 10,000 miles on the bike and she still runs GREAT! With respect to the carbs, have not had to touch a thing. The bike does not make a mistake. So, once again, thanks for doing a great job.
Ted Kooij, VA

Thank you for the great service.
Harry Gunusen

"Thank you so much! It [CBX] finally runs like it's supposed to! Great work!"
Jimmy in L.A.

The idle is absolutely spooky, it is so smooth set at 900rpm that when you pull the clutch in and allow it to drop back to idle you swear it is going to die as the revs drop off so quickly but then settle at 900. By the way I have done nothing but plug and play and adjust the idle. Bike runs SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!
Chas Koeniguer

Just wanted to let you know that 8 months after the carb rebuild the bike is still running fantastic. I did finally get around to checking the balance last month, number 3 was just a tad odd so I adjusted it to where all 6 are within about 1/4" of each other on the gauge. The bike is so smooth and powerful, starts INSTANTLY whether it sits for an hour or a week, and idles silky smooth at 1000rpm.
Chas Koeniguer

Hi Mike! As they say, [GL1000] purrs like a kitten! Thanks very much for doing such a great job! Best Regards to a quality craftsman.
Rick Schramek, CA

Just a quick email to update you on the [CB350F] carbs...they did arrive on Thursday of last week and they were installed on the Friday afternoon. Absolutely no dramas whatsoever...fired away... runs beautifully. It's nice to see how this bike is supposed to run against the way it was running. Thank you again for your help and patience with the issues that I had, and for all your wealth of information that you passed on in trying to help me get to the result that I needed. It's now an absolute joy to ride and hard to get off....
Bruno Virgili

Mike Hello, I just wanted to let you know I installed my carbs and a new Dyna Ignition on my CBX. They work awesome together. Thanks for your time, you did a fantastic job on my carbs....thanks again.
Karl Kelley

Just a quick note....[the] bike is running as it should. It just purrs now and [I am] is VERY happy. It just now needs some serious riding.
Patrick Timbs

Mike -- Fresh fuel and filter started right up sounds great, set idle, real nice work!
Art Bureau, MA

Mike, the bike runs perfect, just like it did when I bought it!. Thank you very much!
Jon Coltune, FL

Mike, just put 'em on [CBX] and the bike purrs like a kitten! Fantastic! Had some help over to assist with throttle sync and we just said, "what for?". It sounds beautiful! Thanks!
Paul Fedewa, CA

...after an oil change & new radiator fluid and fresh fuel the bike started without any problems. First time in over thirty years and she purrs like a champ. New tires and some lightning and it'll be street legal!
Mitchell Sanders, OR

I put the carbs back into the XZ550, and it starts up great, and idles nice, and reves up great without any hesitation. Thanks!
David Seymour, NY

Mike, carbs [CX650] went on today and apart from setting the idle speed they were perfect. Put the balancer gauges on and didn't have to adjust. Acceleration is sharper and as yet the previous problem has not occurred although I realise this may not be carb related anyway. In summary...great job thanks!
Mark Southgate, UK

I just thought I'd let you know that today was the first day I had to ride the cbx. run really good and no gasoline leaks. I checked the plugs {the two outside ones] and they looked like they suppose to. before you worked on the carbs, they looked like they had been in a fire. black as could be. now they are a light brown. anyway, you did a hell of a good job and once again I want to thank you.
David Davis

The bike runs AWESOME...! Like a rocket ship! I checked the sync and it was well within manual spec, I'm impressed! Incredible job on the [VF1000F] carbs. Perhaps I should stop doing them myself and let you take over!
Tom Kerxhalli, MA

It was not easy for me to send my carbs halfway across the country, to someone I never met. All of the communication before, during and after this process really helped. You sent me an email the day you received the carbs, letting me know that you received them. A few days later you sent me a fairly long email, with very clear pictures, letting me know what you found. You let me know that the auto valve had been [incorrectly] defeated by epoxying the vacuum and vent ends, and asked how I wanted to handle it. You also let me know that otherwise the carbs looked very good. The communication and pictures continued, I received emails with pictures as the carbs were being reassembled, another when they were complete and again the day they shipped. Installation was straightforward and the instructions you sent, especially the tip about using heat to soften the carb insulators, really helped. They were so closely balanced, that I did not need to adjust them (I did check them), and they look like new. The whole process from the time I filled out the contact form on your website to completion went much better than I expected. Thanks to you, my CBX runs great! Thanks Mike!
Jim Peterson, MN

Steven Anderson, Iowa

Had someone help me put them [CBX] on, and Mike! I can't believe how sweet the bike sounds! Takes throttle immediately! Awesome! Thank you!
Mark D'Ambrosio, CA

Mike, I got everything buttoned up with fresh fuel and all I can say is this bike has never ran this well! It started almost immediately after letting the carbs fill with fuel and all I did was raise the idle after everything warmed up. I used to have some of the early CBX clutch rattle and it is almost completely gone. This is a 10,000 mile all original bike and it runs like it looks after your magic on the carbs. I could not be happier!
Craig Buness

Carbs are perfect!!! If you need a reference, you got it.
Al Kurosu

Just wanted to say, you did an amazing job! The bike [VF1100] runs beautiful! I couldn't be happier with your work!
Michael Roell

I fitted the carbs at the weekend and after balancing they worked great. I have no hesitation in recommending [your] service.
Mark Southgate, UK

Fired the bike up yesterday and all I can say is wow! Now it starts on the first kick every time when warm and no more than the second kick when cold. The engine runs extremely strong right up to the redline. So, thank you for your great work and, as I said before, plan on doing more carbs for me in the future.
Chuck Floyd, MI

Hey Mike, you rebuilt my carbs about a year ago. They were toast and you did a fantastic job! I finally finished the bike build two days ago and wanted to share some pics and a video with you. After we synced them on the bike the carbs ran like a champ!
Peter Szijarto

Hey Mike, just wanted to let you know I received the carbs and wanted to say thank you for the rebuild. I installed them yesterday and the bike cranked right up. The carbs you rebuilt run ten times better than the other set I had on it while you were rebuilding these.
Jacksonville, FL

Just wanted to let you know I finally got the rebuilt carbs back on the bike and it runs like a new bike! The hesitation is gone, sounds like it has more power and the response is so crisp and spot on it feels like one of my EFI bikes.......only way more fun to ride! Nothing quite like perfectly tuned carbs on a big bore bike!
John Cooper

The carbs ran great all summer!!
Don Post

Mike -- Choke on, fuel, key on, starter, and ... it runs great! Warmed up and set the idle. Sounds awesome and great throttle response. Thank you again!
Jordan Ranum

I just unpacked them [rebuilt cbx carburetors] and they are amazing!
Al Foitag

Your work on my bike's carbs was superb. It really did run as well as a new bike. Fired right up and runs great. Clean and smooth from idle. Good low end. Didn't take her over about 4500, but I am sure it pulls cleanly to redline (not that this bike sees that very much). The carburation was flawless. I just wanted to ride it forever. The combination of using your manual for adjusting the valves and your work on the carbs transformed my CBX.
Gary Dunham

My bike is done and runs GREAT! I started it up this morning an lives! She purrs like a Kitten. Idles smooo-oooth...and accererates wonderfully! Just as you said I only had to adjust the idle screw. Thanks Mike.
Scott Zbornak

Just wanted to let you know I put the carb back on...After riding it down the street I came back and adjusted the idle. It was great to hear it running again and ride it. Thank you again for the rebuild, great job.
Jerome Tarpey

Mike, I put the cables back on runs great and sounds great. Every time I start it, I think about those morons on the forums that said I would never get the carbs sync'd or jets right when I removed the airbox. You're the man! Thanks!
J.M. Cook

Mike, YOU THE MAN! Bike runs beautiful! I'm so glad after all the work I've done on that bike that it finally runs right. Now that you worked your magic on the carburetors the bike really runs like a dream. I only wish that I had sent them to you the first time instead of to [name deleted]. All of the things that you found wrong on them are the way that he sent them back to me. He only had the carbs less than a whole week before he sent them back to me. Anyway, thank you for doing such beautiful work for me. I'll definitly recommend you to my friends.
David Seymour

She [1976 GL1000] is running as good as she ever has for me. I went out for a ride both Sat and Sunday. I even noticed that the primary chain noise at idle is significantly less than it was before. You did a great job...
Scott Zbornack

Mike, the bike [1978 GL1000] ran perfectly with no hesitations, bumps, grinds, nothing but a smooth clean run. I then went for a short run on the freeway and the same story, just ran like a dream. It seems like a new bike with lots of pep and no hesitations. Thanks!
Brian Anderson

Put one of the 650 sets on the reverse trike along with the filters I got with you and it pulls better than it has before.
Mark Southgate, UK

Then the work is complete with new carbs installed on bike. I had a trip on the bike on wednsday for a few miles, and i run like a swiss watch....
Terje Almedal

Mike, I finished the 1977 cb750K and it started up instantly! I mounted up the carb sync tool and didn't have to touch a screw! Nice work and thanks!
John Demaria

Mike, your mechanical mastery with carburetors has once again rejuvenated another ailing DOHC. Your attentiveness to detail shined through every step of the overhaul process. Your communications from consultation to project completion were very appreciated, and reassuring. I consider myself very blessed to have found such a talented technician as you!
John Farrell

Hope this email finds you great cheers! We Just installed the carbs and put everything back together... Have attached a video of the bike fired up... Sounds fantastic , and rides as smooth as silk! The bike is running beautifully, Every one that saw the carbs before and after are stunned!
Prashanth Ravi

Hi Mike, thank you once again for excellent rebuilt of our Honda carbs. Bike is performing like never before.
Arto Kervinen

My CBX runs smoother than my Casio digital watch! Better now than the whole time the bike has been mine!
Ray Fitzpatrick
"Fasterspider" on the CBXWorld forum

Mike Nixon is the guy to go to. He just got fasterspider's [Ray's] carbs dialed sooooooooo bitchen it sounds and runs smoother than a brand new bike did from Honda 30 years ago. He's not cheap on overhaul prices but his work speaks for itself. Ray, that thing runs like it has EFI on it!
Mark Miller
From CBXWorld forum

Mike, the carbs work really well, and I still haven't synced them! Bike is very smooth as-is with your bench sync, as you and others said it would be. The starting is pretty amazing. Petcock on, choke on full, twist the throttle a half turn and release, TOUCH the starter and it LEAPS to life. Starts from stone cold in less than two seconds.
Nils Menten

Thank You for excellent service! Best regards.
Aage Henriksen

My CX500 runs like a scalded cat now [after the carburetor rebuild]. I initially had some problems at highway speed, with sudden loss of power after riding 1/8th mile, but determined that the fuel filter I was using was too restrictive. I switched to an EMCO GL1000 style filter and it works fine. Thanks for your help. I hated to put the carbs back on the bike, they were like works of art. Very professional work!!
Tim Rawlins

Mike, just a note of thanks. After putting up with a bad idle and poor performance I shipped my carbs off to you for rebuild, hoping this would be make a difference, and did it ever! After I received my carbs, cables all connected and sealed in plastic, I reinstalled them on my 79 CBX, hit the starter button, and she fired right up and idled like never before. After adjusting the idle speed I hit the road and the difference was unbelieveable! The bike pulled hard through the gears, and at a stop light came right down to a smooth idle. The bike runs sweet! I also appreciated the update emails with pictures as you went through the rebuild. Thanks again!
Garry Lieser

I think you have the carbs right on the money as the engine is very smooth and when I twist the throttle the response is \B3right now.\B2 You did a great job on the carbs as the engine purrs like a kitten. It starts easily, idles fine, accelerates great and returns to idle immediately. I took it for a short ride and it runs great. Thanks again for all your help.
Rich Reed

Never got back to you to tell you what a nice job the carbs turned out to be. Ran well right out of the box. By all means you can put my comments on your webpage. For me your carb service was the only way to go. Spending hundreds on a mechanic to fiddle around the edges of a carb problem instead of renewing the carbs once and for all is the choice. I chose right.
Rich Russell

Thanks for the amazing job on the carbs, it's like a brand new bike [CBX]! It starts instantly, idles and runs like a SWISS WATCH! Turbine smooth with not a burp or bump....a smooth idle, instant throttle response and silky throughout! Absolutely nothing more I could ask for, smooth, quiet, no hesitations in any situation. Nice work!
John DeMaria

Today I bolted on my CBX carbs and the bike fired up instantly and ran perfect. After only a few seconds I was able to release the choke and the engine settled into a smooth idle. What a relief to finally hear that beautiful six cylinder exhaust note after so many disappointments! Thanks again for all your help.
Paul Wilcox

This morning, I balanced the carbs and took the bike out for about two hours. Cold ride, but exhilarating nonetheless. The engine was transformed with the new carbs. Started immediately, and the choke was very smooth and linear. The engine lost all the chain noises, and was as smooth as it could possibly be. I live in the mountains--going uphill before the rebuild, the engine was struggling at lower RPMs. Now it surges smoothly ahead with a slight flick of the wrist. Downhill, the engine used to pop and backfire. Now it burbles happily and smoothly. On the flats, the engine now has an almost turbine whine--like a huge electric motor making a very pleasant whirring sound, along with the exhaust note. I believe it's the best it can be--the outcome of following your advice, and utilizing your services. I'm very pleased. I do feel sorry for all those souls who never rode a properly running CBX. I was one of them until today.
Leon Summers, CA

After fitting and priming the carbs you rebuilt for Jeff Ellmore, his high-mileage 1047cc engine fired in less than a second and had no problems in 600 miles. The bike runs great except (as you predicted) for some richness when on the needle. I plan to fit better needles over the winter.
Dealer Comment

I received them [the carburetors] and everything looks great. I followed your advice and lubed the rubber manifolds (or cuffs) with a little Vaseline, heated them with the heat gun, and the carbs went in so smoothly I thought I had completely missed the mark. Shortcuts like that can only come from experience. I got a sealed AGM battery and fired it up. I used a small fuel tank, saved from a discarded lawn mover, with Sta-bil in the fuel to fire it up. It doesn't just idle beautifully, it absolutely purrs! Thanks for all your help!
Mike Owens, IL

After fitting and priming the carbs you rebuilt for Duane Williams, his new 1147cc engine fired in less than a second and had no problems in 700 miles. Mark Miller just performed the first engine service. He reported the carb sync was right on the money and the idle mixture was rich by approximately one-half turn.
Dealer Comment

Mike, the sync went well once I located the adjustor. The engine is running as smooth as any I have seen run; most of them were new at the time. When I did the valve adjustment your book was so well written it made it simple.
Alan Allman, TX

Mike, the bike runs on all 6 beautifully. You really know your stuff. I have been waiting for the day when I could ride the bike in proper running order.
Brian Pravica

Mike, both the bikes [CB750K8] fired up instantly, run smoothly and pull cleanly through the gears. As usual, the investment in your complete carb rebuild service was the cornerstone of our success. Gary and I are truly delighted with the outcome and thank you for the fastidious attention to detail and great service. We'll be back when the next project hits the workshop. Now for some riding! All the best.
John DeMaria

They arrived today and look fantastic. Pictures did not do them justice. Mounted them on the bike it fired right up great!!! Now with the rebuilt carbs it is running great for the first time!
Don Post

The carbs you rebuilt went on the bike without incident. They were synched. The pulsar gaps were checked. The modified choke mechanism worked perfectly, the bike fired immediately. I took the bike out for the first time yesterday and found that it ran better than ever before. It idles smoothly, accelerates cleanly and cruises without any surging. In short, I am very, very pleased. Your work shines and the bike is transformed. Thank you again for a job well done.
Alan Joseph, WA

Just wanted to let you know the X is still running great. Even when it sits for a couple of weeks it always starts right up and runs smooth as silk. Your work took my appreciation for the CBX to another level. Many thanks for your great work and great advice on the CBX World and ICOA sites.
Morris Gaskins

Hi Mike you overhauled a carburetor for me back in the Spring it worked out great. Now I have a 1984 Honda Shadow VT 500 Model I need carburetor work on...
Randy Bunch

After a small sync adjustment took it out for about a twenty mile ride. Pulls good from idle no hesitation all the way to redline thank you very much I will be telling people about your servicea!
Brian Archer

Hi Mike. Here are some pictures of the CBX and I'm really pleased the way everything went back together [after getting his carbs back from me]. The bike starts and runs as smooth as ever and I've ridden it about 20 miles so far to make fine adjustments, check this and that, etc. Thanks very much for being a major part of this restoration process and I'm sure the CBX appreciates it, too. Honda really knocked themselves out designing that engine, because even at 30 years old it runs so smooth. Cold start cranking takes no more than 1 second tops, which surprises everyone standing aound watching.
Doug Hogue, WA

First ride [of the new season], runs like new thanks to you! Great service.
Ken Wagner, Canada

BTW, the carbs you did on my CB550 cafe have worked fine, at least until the tank liner started deteriorating..........another story.
David Sharpe

Thank you for the work you did on my [CBX] carbs [three years ago]. they are still working well.
Albert Nair, Singapore

Thanks again for all your help! The Magna is running great!
John Krajovan

Cylinders and Cylinder Heads

Going on 600 miles now. My (CBX) engine's oil level is still full! Before the (cylinder boring and) rebuild I was going trough 1 quart per every 400 miles!

Another update. I got the [CBX1000] engine in and running. Man this thing is a totally different animal! It started up instantly. I took it down the road, got it to running temp, and brought it back... no more rough/dying at idle or smoking. I'm glad I spent the money and sent the head to you. It was well worth the s*#! eating grin on my face putting it through the paces.
Keith Horton

Mike - Thought I'd let you know the DR650 came together good and was like a whole new machine!
Matt in Hawaii

Man it [1975 CB750] runs nice. The motor sounds stunning! It runs so well it makes me wish i had done the top end on the first two. It's amazingly strong, quiet, smooth. I have about 90 miles on it so far with no issues other than normal teething adjustments.
Nick Warhol

Boy does she [CBXB] run good!
Darius, CA

Hi Mike. I am very happy to report that after installing the head, and the motor back into the scooter, I started it up today and it came right back to life. What a joy! Runs just sweet, prefect! Thanks for fixing my cylinder head and valves. Really appreciate the professional job you did and being in touch during the process.
Daniel, CA

The head you did for the 750F has now been in service for 2 years. The bike makes just as much (seat of the pants ) HP as the heavily ported head, and gets 44 mpg commuting to work to boot (the other head was good for about 33-5).
John Goulet, MA

Bike Work

Hello Mike, hope all is well with you. My [rebuilt engine] CBX is running great. Just wanted to say hello and thank you.
Richard in Idaho

I took Big Greenie [CB750K3] for about a 35-mile ride this morning and it runs very, very well. Much more power than it ever had. Your medical treatment worked very well. Lots of power on demand. I wanted to keep riding...
Gary in Prescott

Good Morning Mike. My CBX runs great, brakes feel great, starts good and love the exhaust note from the Supertrapp Exhaust. Couldn't be happier!
Ron Brown

Gotta tell you Mike, that bike [CB750K8] runs great!
Jeff in Phoenix

Hey Mike - Made it back yesterday afternoon. The bike [CBXB] came through [1000 miles back home to TX, in just 30 hours] like a champ, didn't miss a beat. I have the speeding ticket to prove it! The only casualty was my rear end which feels bruised today. Thank you for putting together a fun machine to ride!
Chris Hansel, TX

Boy oh boy, it was worth every dollar and every mile [from Northern California] to have you work on my [CBX] engine. Boy does she run good!
Darius, CA

Since you set up [the stock point ignition on] my GL1000 it has run beautifully, started immediately, and performed great. I have no desire to go back to the Dyna system that was in the bike before.
Scott Zbornak, CA

I took [CBXC] over the Ortega today. WOW! The only thing this bike needs is to be ridden. It even goes into neutral easier when hot. Before, I just about had to shut it down to get into neutral. After the ride today, it seems to pop right in. Can't thank you enough for all the work you did on this bike. It is running great!
Craig Bryant, CA

Started the bike up thursday night after work. The bike [CBXC] runs much better now. Boy, that throttle response was a real eye opener when I gave it a gentle rev and the engine made no hesitation jumping on the tachometer. The accel is amazing!
Mike Matthews, WA

Hi Mike. Took a ride to the foothills this morning up to Oakhurst, before it got too hot. It was great! It is good to be reminded of what a joy it is to have a big six humming along. Like you said, she runs great, and stops well. There's nothing like it. So, thank you! All is well. And very much enjoyed!
Ruud, CA

How-To Booklets


Hello, Mike. Book [CBX Carb Rebuild] was delivery directly in my hends. Many thanks to you!
Tomas in Czech Republic

I bought your V4 carb rebuild book a few months back as the last step in my 84 Interceptor project. Runs amazing now and pulls hard all the way from idle to redline and is a completely different bike! Thanks for what you do for the community!
Tony Brown

Used your handy guide booklet on valve clearance bike would spin quite a while before fires up just like your video. I have your other booklets and live in the easy to read and understand and the additional tapping the valves before starting invaluable.
Graham Parker

I purchased your rebuilding GL1000 carburetors a couple of years ago and it is a fantastic book, like having an instructor in the room with me. With it I have rebuilt 3 different GL1000 carburetors. You are the best! Thank you!
Forum member

Hi, Mike! First, your [SOHC Four Charging Service] troubleshooting book is excellent! I'm following it every step of the way...your book was right on the money. I couldn't have done this project without having your excellent book. More importantly, your online assistance was invaluable. I probably would have given up and taken the bike to a shop if not for your coaching and words of encouragement. I only purchased a $32 book from you, yet you graciously gave me tons of your time and willingly shared your expertise. Thank you!
Jim in Ohio

Hi Mike....I just got your CBX carb book, and I'm really glad I did. I've worked on CBX carbs before, but never anything as in-depth as your book shows me.
Alan in Colorado

Mike, I felt compelled to email you a big "Thank You" for your books, parts and advice that I used to get my 1979 CBX back to top-notch running condition. I used your carburetor rebuild book to recondition my carbs and the bike runs better than it ever has since I bought it in 2004. I can punch the starter button and it will immediately cold start and idle on all 6 cylinders now. I also used your CBX charging system book to identify a shorted rotor, which I had rebuilt by Rick's Motorsport Electrics, and also resurfaced and shimmed the drive clutch. It runs down the road now with the voltmeter pointing north of 12 volts! This may sound unremarkable to you but I've been struggling to correct these problems for 2 or 3 years now. Your website is a great resource for guys like me who are willing to dig in and do the work themselves.
Dan Fuchs, NE

Very pleased to report the battle is now well and truly WON! Yes, it was the ignitor for Cyls 1-6 that had failed. The 3V battery "dummy pulser" test confirmed it. I spent an overcast and rainy Sunday y'day enjoyably futzing about in the garage taking it slowly, and learning HEAPS with the help of your excellent book. Mike thanks SO MUCH for making the books available to help us luddites along the journey of discovery. I could not have approached this (initially rather daunting) task without it and knowing you were ready and able to assist as needed.
Tony Herd, Australia

Just yesterday was able to go front to back in the publication you wrote [Cleaning the Honda DOHC Four Carburetor]. Good stuff. Really. One of many things I was not aware of is the need to avoid carb cleaner, and use brake cleaner instead, on certain areas. I don't think any of my current rubber parts were hit with carb cleaner, but I've done it in the past - no more. The circuit diagrams are great. It's nice to get beyond just replacing parts, and actually understanding what's going on. Also the trick of wedging the throttle open to access the air-cut valves. Next time the carbs are off I may blank them with rubber tire, as you demonstrate.
Curt Cleaveland

Mike-Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I like the [Tuning Up the Honda SOHC 750 Four] booklet. I refer to it seveal times a month just to make sure I have not forgotten what you described. I restore old CBs mostly 750's but a few 550s. The photos in your book are a great help and I look forward to you doing a suspension and brake booklet.
R. Tacker Col. USMC Retired

Love your [V4 carb] book, would not be doing this job without it!
Daniel Yoder

You helped me out with a carb question last year and your brake rebuilding book was a great resource when I rebuilt the brakes on this particular bike [1982 CB750F].
Bill Vaughn

I just wanted to drop you a quick line, and say thanks for providing such a great resource. The instructions in your CBX carb rebuild booklet were easy to follow, even for a neophyte like myself! The various tips were also much appreciated, and the result is a CBX that runs like a proverbial Swiss watch, with nary a drop of gas dripping from parts unknown! Previous to this rebuild, the carbs on this bike (which I bought new in '81) dripped gas like a sieve.
Ken Aviss, Canada

Mike, I put the carburetors back on the 86 Magna, primed the petcock, turned on the key and hit the starter and VAROOM! Amazing! I followed your carb rebuilding booklet to a "tee", flushing each circuit with Berryman's. I couldn't believe how well it ran, both idle and revving. Thank your for your advice and for the booklet!
Steven Bryant

Mike, you helped me get my CBX back on the road and helped me understand the CBX better. I had no idea the Servicing the CBX Electrical System booklet came with a bonus technical expert! Mike, you really have not only expanded my CBX and motorcycle knowledge base, but brought me great pleasure in my now sweetly running '80 Marysville.
Gary Dunham

Hi Mike. I bought your DOHC carb cleaning book and it is really good stuff. Thank you. Wish the service manual was that thorough.
Terry Stenger

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I'm well pleased with the booklet. I have purchased a booklet in the past, Cleaning the CBX Carburetor, 3rd Edition. You really out did yourself with this booklet, totally awesome. Both booklets are well illustrated and easy to follow flow checks that a simple man can easily follow.
Randy Copely

Mike, just thought I drop you a line on how I'm making out with my carb cleaning. Your Book was very helpfull in removing the carbs. Your procedures and pictures gave one confidence to tackle the cleaning. I was able to assemble the tools required (with your guidance) which made the process much easier. Thanks to your book and email guidance I am looking forward to enjoying using my 82 again and will tackle my 79 this winter.
Chris Mateski

First let me say that I don't know how anyone could take on these carbs without your book. It has been a great guide. Thank you! I had read over your book s everal times before jumping into the job and have now found that the combination of the book and actually working on the carbs concurrently is making it a lot more straightforward, and, quite frankly, fun!
Rick Earle

I just bought your Honda DOHC carb cleaning book - it's awesome! It's comprehensive, well-written, and the numerous photos really help in making everything clear to the reader.
Tom Kerxhalli

Superb book. Now I'm confident. This is how all manuals should be!
Graham Parker
United Kingdom

Mike, thanks for your Honda V4 Carb book, it's much better than the other manuals and explanations I've seen for these V4 models. The bike is now up and running nice after a carb sync.
Svein Tore Kabbe

I purchased your book, "Cleaning the CBX Carburetor" on eBay. Thanks for putting together a great book and instruction for doing all the work on the carbs, written in plain English with plenty of photos and illustrations so as to make it easy to follow. As such I am quite confident in approaching this job.
New Zealand

Mike............your carb cleaning How To Manual and your advice just saved me over $750! The carbs are back on, the idle circuit is set and the CBX runs better than new! Thanks again Mike and I owe you one.

This is a great booklet. I like it very much! A very impressive piece.
Randall Washington, Proprietor
North Carolina

Mike, feel free to quote me. It isn't often that one sees the kind of care and attention that went into producing this book. I wish all service manuals were as clean and concise as yours. I'll get the book and really do my carbs right this time!
Paul Wilcox

I am very happy with the Books. The photos are clear and sharp. The printing and paper quality is super! Thank you!
David Bailey

Your book is a great reference and I've told several folks to get a copy!
Dave McMunn

Mike Nixon...has authored a series of books that have been getting wonderful reviews covering specialized areas of CBX maintenance and repair such as cleaning your carbs, adjusting your valves and servicing the charging system. Check it out!

I really liked the [book's] pictures, very good and plenty of them, which show me what I should do in each task.
John Paquette

Thanks for all of your information. The bike is running great after rebuilding the carbs with your "carb book."
Michael Karp

Hi Mike. Well, I finally got to adjusting the valves on the CBX today (my first motorcycle valve adjustment). I measured the clearances, and the shims, and wrote everything down in the chart, as outlined in your book. Your book was spot-on. Everything was clearly written, and easy to follow. Thanks again!
Leon, CA

Received your booklets today. Haven't had time to really dig into them, but boy'o'boy do they look good! First thing would be using your brilliant logical-coherent-sequential-problem-finder-scheme for the electrical system. That is about the best piece of anything in writing concerning anything motorcycle related that I have ever seen!
Lars in Denmark

Hi Mike. I receive the booklet. IT IS VERY CLEAR, DETAILED and EXC QUALITY illustrations. Thank you!

Mike, thank you for the fine troubleshooting instructions. My repair of an 82 CB750K probably would have taken me months, and many unneeded replacement parts without your help.
Scott Cooper

Mike, this booklet was amazing and filled all the gaping holes in the Honda service manual with the information needed to complete the job properly. The bike now runs beter than ever. Thanks so much for putting your expertise into a format the casual wrencher can understand and follow!

Mike, I received and studied your publication, "Replacing the SOHC 750 Head Gasket". It's one of the most comprehensive technical publications I've ever seen. It's great to see the RIGHT way of doing something! I must say, it's obviously the work of a MASTER MECHANIC! I really appreciate the time and effort it takes to achieve this level of work!
Edward A. Swearingen

Website Articles

I just gotta say, how can you have so much knowledge on your website?!
Ken at Cycle-X

Dear Mr. Nixon, I just want to send you a big "Thank you Sir!" for your homepage, wich is a treasure trove of knowledge. While i am a seasoned industrial mechanic and a hobby motorcycle mechanic able to disasemble and assemble a whole motorcycle, you are clearly in a different league but also willing to share your knowledge, wich is not common. And I agree with you about motorcycle internt forums. Greetings from Germany!

Hi Mike, I'm Leonardo, 29 years old from Italy, and I'm what you call often in your website articles a "career tech". I work in a Triumph motorcycles dealer here. I thought I'd write to you my appreciation for the quality of what you say, and for the way you write. It's like have in front of me at the same time a teacher and a good friend. Your way of explaining, and your totally scientific approach to problem solving, is similar to how I see in triumph technical trainings; crystal clear and goes straight to the basic concepts without mincing words.
Leonardo Farronato

Wow! What a well-formed tech section. A lifetime's worth of experience. Thank you.
Marc Salvisberg
Factory Pro Tuning

Thanks for your very interesting and importantly very readable articles. Your website is very easy to navigate as well.
Craig in Australia

I just finished fixing a friend's '76 CB400F charging system and your article steered me directly to the problem. Three problems actually: a 3 year old battery was not optimal, the bike had an aftermarket headlight with 55 watt low beam rather than the stock 35 watt, and the killer was compromised solder joints on the main fuse holder clips. Your voltage drop test from battery+ to field coil white wire showed a 2+ volt drop in voltage to the field coil. Correcting that brought the break even point to 2,200 rpm and the 3K rpm charging current up to 2+ amps, lower than spec but workable given the over-watt headlight. Many thanks for all the expertise you so generously provide.
Bill Spurlock, CA

Mike, I had the best time reading your ENTIRE website, I read every article and link and i took about 3 days stopping once in a while. I loved the cbx rebuilder who messed it all up and you had pics of it, also the malice in aftermarket land...good too! My eyes hurt now but it was the most informative thing I may have ever read, I'll be sending my carbs soon now that the holidays are over, thanks for having the coolest website ever.

Hi Mr. Nixon, it's Pietro Arrigoni from Bergamo, Italy. I'm obliged to send you this email to thank you for the clear and very very usable explanations you gave all of us.

Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I successfully installed the ammeter and it works great. Evidently I am charging and there are no problems since I installed my new R/R. All your advice and guidance was solid and correct. The ammeter is very helpful. I do like seeing my charging in real time. I really like it. I want to thank you for your willingness to help me, in return, I will help whoever I can, when I can with what I've learned from you. Thanks for being a teacher at heart. P.S. Don't be surprised if I show up on your email doorstep again scratching my head about some problem I'm having.
John Hegstrom

Mike, I just wanted to say thanks. I'm trying to revive my '89 Hawk GT that has been sitting for a few years-- your explanation of CV carbs has so de-mystified the Keihin CV that I think I can get it back to the wonderful bike I remember. I will also apply the info to tuning a '83 Suzuki GS750E. You gotta be busy, but I really felt obliged to tell you Thank You for the nice article. Sincerely,
Scott Penn

Hey Mike, I've been a huge fan and follower of your stuff for years now. Your articles have helped to progress me from a guy who didn't know the first thing about motorcycles to being the guy that my buddies seem to think can fix ANY motorcycle. Ha, if they only knew that I just happen to be good at looking stuff up and knowing how to read a service manual. ;)
Frank Kucish

I truly appreciate the tremendous effort you put into your project. After 35 years away from the sport, as I try to catch up on all that I have missed I am deeply indebted to you for providing such a resource.
Bill Spurlock

HI from mexico, i found your article describe on the main subject and i on the way to build myself. Most the time we do not give the thanks for what info we used on the INTERNET. Just thanks for share this info so powerful. P.D. planing to use on VW engine. Gracias
Charles Estrella

I really enjoy reading your articles. So much bullshit out there it is refreshing reading from someone who actually knows what time it is.
TJ Jackson

Hi Mike, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying reading your articles. I am so glad that you share a lot of your knowledge with vintage Hondas. Although I was in the automotive business for 30 years, the more I learn from you, the more I realize I don't know. The in-depth explanations you provide about everything from horsepower, to tools, to piston pin offset...just everything. And to top it off, you know how to write and have a good vocabulary -- clearly not a run-of-the-mill mechanic, but a true technician. I wish I could have attended your classes when you were teaching. I don't want anything to go to your head though, so keep up the awesome work.
Steve Bryant

I've been slowly doing everything you recommend in your "Optimizing.." Article, and it's fun and it's working. The most impressive thing I've done so far is buy and use the dwell meter. What a difference! A couple of times I'd gotten the gaps close. Now they're bang on and that certainly makes a noticeable difference.
Bill Brown, Jr.

I have worked on cars for the last 50 years or so and I am a practicing chemical engineer having worked in the Oil refining business (Chevron) as well as the beverage industry (Hills Bros, Nestle, Sara Lee). It has been a very rare occurrence in those years to have come across someone who possesses the technical knowledge and scientific understanding of the complex nature of motors, motorcycles and more, that you do. Not only that, but the time and energy you spend on education (for those who wish to learn) through your clear writings and tech manuals is simply outstanding. Your skills and customer service are impressive. Great job!
Ted Kooij

Hi Mike. Been reading my way through many pages of your project, and thought it about time to thank you for such a good knowledgable website, amongst the usual rubbish out there you stand head and shoulders clear.
Steve Lendon

I ride with the Patriot Guard and having flashers is very beneficial. Thanks for posting that information on the web.
Cal Braley

I really enjoy your site and the section Sacred Cows is particularly interesting.
Chris Robertson

I will be sending my whole local chapter of the VJMC your link. More people need to learn great information like yours. Thanks again.
Bill Powers

I work for a Nissan dealer in Akron, OH, but I also teach classes (automotive engineering) at Stark State College, in North Canton. As a teacher I am always looking for sources outside of textbooks to relay to my students. Performance areas are especially great because they pique the interest of the class. Your articles get them to think beyond just the nuts and bolts, and start them thinking about "why." I found your articles to be very well written, and the text easy reading for the majority of my class. Thanks!
Kevin Murphy

I read your article \93Three Secrets of High-Perf. Engine Building\94 which I enjoyed very much. While I\92ll never be able to take advantage of the information, I find it very interesting to know what is going on as I push an engine sometimes a little enthusiastically. Thank you.
Gary L. Brooks

You probably don't remember me. But I was one of your students at MMI, and you made a impression on me that will last a lifetime. You imparted skills to me that I use almost daily, and try to pass on to my helpers. My shop hovers amid the weird and the odd every day, and that's just the bikes that find me! But I love it! Feel good that you helped me find the path that I lead.
Fred Cousins

Hello, Mike. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I was for you to have put on the Web so much practical, useful information gleaned from your years of experience working on motorcycles. As an amateur Honda mechanic for my, ummm, six or seven Honda motorcycles, I'm sure I will find much to help me in the future.

Awesome info, thanks for your efforts and time. Any chance on completing the parts that aren't complete?
B. D. Ward

Thanks MIke, I really like the well written, never condescending tone of your articles and information. This is as opposed to much of the blogosphere where the least articulate seem to have the most to say.
Jack Terpstra

Excellent, Mike. I'm very impressed. That little tease on Carburetion was kind of cruel, though. It's a great, simple explanation of the elements, and much more readable than the Haynes version of the same. But the note says the rest of the chapters aren't available yet. So, just exactly when can we start ordering copies of that book? I need one for myself, and a couple more for some buddies, so they don't grease mine up like they did the Honda Common Service manual! Thanks, and congratulations on some great material.
Brent Evered

Thanks for your wonderful website. It's been a great help.

I was two hours late for work today! I found your web site during my morning coffee/surf...I forwarded to four of my now very grateful friends. The info is GOLD! The wire color codes AWESOME. I build hotrod Hondas and use factory parts from different bikes and eras, your color guide has opened my amazing site.
Bill Powers

Good article on porting I learned a lot. I am an aerospace engineer, so I completely understand the concept of boundary layer affect. I just wanted to note that skin friction is much less than pressure drag. In the case of engine heads it wouldn't matter. Wings aren't smooth any more because that wouldn't stay that way for long anyway do to contact. They used to be smooth. We worry more about separation "pressure drag" than the skin friction. For the particular case of engine heads you are right on though. Kick ass man!
James Browning

Hello Mr. Nixon. I am very impressed with your site, lots of great information.
Ren\E9 Zwart

Dear Mr. Nixon: Thank you very much for publishing the outstanding information about automotive technology theory on your web site! I am reading some of your articles and have really learned a lot!
Sherrill E. Watkins

Mike, thanks for a great article. Usually performance articles are so vague that they have little value. Not yours. Thanks. It's too bad I can't get our sprint car drivers to read and understand this. It might save a small fortune in wasted effort with engine building.
Jim Martin

Man o man, way to go....don't think ive ever read anything so honest or helpfull....thanks!
Matt Catley

Mike, just a short note to say thank you for writing and making available your articles on engine building and design. I`ve been building motors for years for myself and have read many many books and articles. Yours was extremely well written and interesting to read. I hope to put it to use in helping me extract a bit more rpm and perhaps HP from my Moto Guzzi land speed racer.
Bill Ross

I've read your website, particularly the 'sacred cows - pipe jetting' section, and it's really interesting. I have one of the new Triumph Bonnevilles, and have been an active member of the Triumph RAT forum, where almost all the talk is of re-jetting, free flowing exhausts and modifying airboxes to acheive amazing power increases. Certain mods are now considered essential to make the bike run 'properly'. I've always wondered about the so called w isdom of this, and so your article hit a chord with me. Having tried Truimph's own aftermarket pipes and jets, I decided to go back to totally stock - which would save the hassle of changing back to stock pipes for the UK MoT test each year. At the same time I decided to install a DynoJet Stage 1 kit, and was surprised that the bike seemed better with just this than with the aftermarket exhuast. In fact changing back to these seemed to make no real difference other than an increase in noise! Your website has now explained why this is the right feeling. I'm glad I read it. Great site! :-) Cheers.
Dave Brown, UK

Hi Mike, been reading lots of your short articles on your web-site! Be glad you're not my next-door neighbour! I'd be bugging you non-stop! But I'd sure have a sweet runnin' CBX! Reading your stuff has really made me rediscover my passion for my bike!

Hello, Mike. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I was for you to have put on the Web so much practical, useful information gleaned from your years of experience working on motorcycles.
John Holtrichter

Great write up on the KIPASS system!
R. Casey

You were right about the kowa seiki tools. Someone sold me a bunch of various open wrenches. To my surprise i picked up an old 17-14mm combi open wrench that works very well. I just observed that the word KOWA Y11 and HM on the other side of the tools. Thanks again for your wisdom and helping fledgling mechanics like me on your website.
Alexis Maranan, Philippines

Email and Phone Advice, Videos

After talking with you I used a Snap-On compression tester and got a range of 150 to 160 psi. And this was after your suggestion to readjust the valves, which really made a differece. Then the real surprise was when I compared the Snap-On tester with the Actron tool. Whoa! The Actron read only 125 psi on average. That tool is now in the trash. Thank you!
Richard in Ohio

The picture you sent has been a great help in understanding where and how the [engine] welch plug is located. Thank You for your advice.
John Guy

Mike, thanks very much for the video. Due to the clarity of the video, I get it now, was confusing myself regarding the bending point, carried out the procedure exactly as you explained and have a good result with the fast idle. Thanks again and have a great Christmas.
William in England

Just want to say thank you. After testing every charging system component, your coaching led me to replace the wiring harness and my charging system problem is now completely resolved. I was very fortunate to have you share your expertise with me and now my bike is running like new again.
Jim O'Brien

I was able to clean the idle circuits using your on-bike method. The CBX responded and ran like it was supposed to. It is running well now. Thank you for your advice.
Tommy Blazer

I wanted to give you an update on the brake job I did on my CB1000c. As you suggested, I checked both for a "riding" pedal and for a blocked master cylinder relieve port. I found it was the relief port; it had a good bit of crud in it. The rear wheel is spinning much more freely and the fuel mileage has come back up from 31-33 mpg to 41-42 mpg. Thanks for advising and helping me! You are very generous with your expertise.

Hey Mike! Excellent advice on syncing the carbs on my 350f. Slightly loosen nut, 1/16 turn, snug nut, blip, check vacuum gauges. Took less than 10 min! Thanks so much!

Just dropping you an email to let you know the bowls are back on the carbs, inline fuel filter is installed, Sta-bil in the tank and the CBX back on the road. Thanks again for your expertise and services!
Dan Fuchs

I read your article about decel wobble, Sucking the Shakes and also Early V4 History. I had many years ago, using information from Section 15 of the '84 Honda VF1100S Shop Manual, checked the head bearings and found them to be within tolerance. I did not know, and the manual does not state, that the races needed to be seated in the manner you describe in your article. Over the years, I can't remember how many Honda Service department people I have talked to about the problem. No one had the answer. In fact not one service person knew of the problem! And, based upon your suspicion that the inner part of my Hondalibe fairing was ABS, I used MEK in the repair and the end result looks almost original. After owning and riding my VF1100S for 34 years, it was a pleasant experience to discover your web pages. I just wish it had been much much sooner! Thanks for your help.
Maurice in CO

Perfect video. Nicely done. Exactly what is described in the video. Very clear instructions and quality production. Thank you!
Stiffy's Garage on YouTube

Thanks for the tip regarding the blocked vent! I was skeptical, but I took the carbs back off this morning and sure enough the offending carb had a blocked vent. I could have sworn I cleaned both carb vents with spray and compressed air...
Rick in AZ

Wow, Mike! Thank you so much for the help. I relocated the vent hose and verified that it was clear and there is no more flooding. Also, as you suggested, the airbox was an issue. The engine runs like a top now!

The bike [VF1000F] runs unbelievable again. No stumbling whatsoever and ridiculously fast. Amazing. And it runs fine with the fuel pump bypassed. Never again! Thanks Mike [for advice on cleaning the carbs without disaasembly]!
Tom Kerxhalli

Ran across your website again recently and happened to remember you gave me some sound advice when I called you some time ago regarding my GL1000 project. I was working on the ignition system and you made suggestions that friends and others challenged. But you were right. The bike runs great! Thanks again!
Craig in IL

Thanks for your help in tuning my CBX carbs. Adjusting the valves [on CBXC] to 0.006" and new spark plug caps did the trick. Also, I installed the shims you sent and noticed a great improvement at lower rpm. The bike runs like new. It has been a pleasure working with you.
Dan Bresett, CA

The last thing I wanted to do was pull the carbs off. I checked, rechecked, and checked again. The leak was coming from a pin hole crack in the fuel line at the 90 degree bend from the brass fuel tee. I replaced it with new line and all is well. Thanks!
Greg Brady

The [bike] seems to be running fine now. Had [deleted] communicated with me like you have this problem would have been solved then. Thanks for the patience. There is more to business than simply getting paid. Customer service is part of the job too.
Will H.

Thank you so much for your help through this issue of sooty plug fouling. I rotated the idle mixture screw another half turn counterclockwise but the fouling persisted on cylinders 2 and 4. I started looking at the other areas we discussed thinking that this can't be a carburetor issue being that the idle mixture screw is turned so far out without positive results. Though my timing has been hitting on the f mark at idle and double lines on throttle, I suspected (as did you) that ignition was a problem area. I bought a fresh set of OEM points and condensers that I installed, and put about 100 miles on the motorcycle the past couple days. Inspecting the plugs, they look immaculate! Thank you for leading me through the process of deduction. My bike runs great!
Jeffrey Kirch

Hello Mike! Long time since my last e mail. My bike have been working perfect since you did your magic with them [cbx carbs], but just before I put the bike back in for winter storage last year I experienced that the bike did not run smooth when riding slow on a higher gear. Just a quik update. I fired up the old lady today, and she was very happy! The on the bike procedure worked out very well! Thank you for all your help and assistance in the matter!
Tore Grefslie, Norway
on a mini iPad

I got to work after receiving your e-mail and I noticed that spark plug #2 was the culprit. Bingo! There was a crack in the porcelain that that prevented consistent spark to that cylinder. I again replaced all the spark plugs with NGK D8EA's and took my '72 out for a ride to make sure that the spark plug was the sole kink in the system. I tacked on a solid 350 miles the past two days, up the coast to Ventura, Ojai, Santa Barbara and back to Santa Monica. I can't believe how elastic, smooth, and indefatigable my motorcycle runs!! The throttle response (that snap) is remarkable, idle at stop lights consistent and unwavering, and that sound of a well-tuned machine is indescribable. What a pure and utter joy this vintage motorcycle is!! Thank you for being part of the story over the course of my motorcycle build. Now it's time to make stories from that endless road.
jeffrey Kirch

Nice article, you'll make a real mechanic out of me in no I see why on the Honda you need the red and the red/white wires both attached to the meter.
Jerry Stenstrom

Hi Mike. Just wanted to let you know that the switch is installed, the bike is running correctly and I'm good to go. I want to thank you for your advice. You have no idea how helpful talking to you really was.
Ed Boisits

Thank you again for the "digital" troubleshooting.
Clem Wilkes

Finally got to the bottom of the lack of top end on my CX500-powered car. Took some of the exhaust baffling out that I had added, to no effect. Finally in frustration took off what I thought were good air filters (Pipercross) and tried the bike without them. The bike was transformed! I am going to fit some K and N's...: ) Thought I would give you some honest feedback after doubting your jet choice (my apologies).
Mark Southgate, UK

Mike -- I needed some throttle shaft seals and you had them and got them to me quick. Then I had a leak and you advised about different sources of leaks on these GL1100 carburetors. Mike, you were right on. After examining each of the areas or issues that you noted [in an email], it was clear that the float bowl O-ring was too thin for the new float bowl gasket. I found a thicker and better fitting one and just installed it this afternoon. The carbs are back on the bike and all four are dry and leak-free. Then I had some questions about Honda's idle drop procedure, and you advised me on that too. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you VERY much for all your help and support.
Mark Solberg

Being a mechanical engineer and having done everything I could to get through the electrical engineering classes that I had to take, my guess would be it must have happened in the last 15 miles. Well thanks for the reply, and thanks for sharing your diagnostic procedure because the FSM leaves a lot to be desired in this area.
David Hurayt

Mike -- I installed a new stator and everything is back to normal. I just want to thank you again for helping us get this bike back on the road. Now all I need is some nice weather here in MN to enjoy the riding!
James Freeland

I was having carb problems after rebuilding them [GL1100] myself. We were both suspicious of the weak spark on one cylinder. On your advice I ohmed the cap - open. Swapped a cap with another bike. Much better, but still not right. Then you suggested a plugged idle jet. You got it right. I pulled carbs (goes much easier second time). Did not need to disassemble from plenum. Pulled bowl off # 2, removed idle mixture screw and idle jet, flushed circuit with carb cleaner and blew out idle jet - it was clogged. Back together again. Took it for a spin - runs like a hot rod (comparatively). Low speed is trouble-free. Thanks again!
Gary Mohr

Hi, Mike. First ride, runs like new thanks to your [rebuild and advice to store it with race gas]! Great service!
Ken Wagner

Hi, Mike. Thanks for the tip about the float bowl vents on my 1977 CB750F. You called it. They were definitely plugged.
Larry Hasson

Mike, I just now used your Shucking The Shakes procedure again. I have used it many times in the past on all my bikes. It has always worked like a champ with no issues and has cured several low speed wobbles problem I had. Just thought I'd let you know. Your Motorcycle Project website is a valuable resource for us DIYers....Thanks!
Scott Zbornak

Mike Nixon