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Rebuilding the Honda CBX1000 Carburetor
My favorite booklet - and others' too (thank you everyone!). Copies have been purchased by a Honda R&D employee and employees at Fast by Gast and Orient Express. Rebuilding the CBX1000 Carburetor is in its fourth edition, now over 50 pages. This is the booklet that trained many of my competitors! You can also benefit! The Honda factory museum also purchased a copy, I am not lying. Includes o-ring replacement, carburetor removal and replacement, and QR codes linked to helpful videos! This book takes the reader step by step through cleaning and rebuiilding a set of Honda CBX six cylinder carburetors. Included is how to remove and replace the carburetors, and how to replace the casting (body) o-rings. Also, how to remove and replace the carbs, how to get those pesky idle jets clean, detail about the various circuits, best practice for adjusting the float level, dealing with common carburetor issues, and even massaging the accelerator pump. With this page count, the best value of all my books! If you have a four cylinder instead of a six cylinder, here's another book for you to look at. The CBX book is 8 1/2" by 11", 50+ pages, and contains almost 200 clear illustrations, most of them close-ups. Also included are full-page diagrams of complex circuits. Contact me for more information and read reviews of this booklet immediately below and here as well. And here, on my carburetor work.

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What others have said about this booklet:
"I just got it today. I had to stop what I was doing and look it over. I am very impressed with the clarity of the photos. Additionally, the information is top notch, and presented in a manner that a common person like myself can follow it easily. Mike, you did a great job!!!"

"Great book!"

"Received my copy of this book and it is AWESOME!! VERY WELL worth the small cost; pictures are outstanding and detailed exactly as needed. If you're doing your own carb work - GET ONE!!!! Trust me."

"Got my copy today and can only say wish I had it 2 weeks ago when I had carbs out! Been a mechanic now for 26 years but there's sure lots of good info in there, which I didn't know. Great work Mike! Thanks!"

"Very quick delivery, excellent manual !! Thanks Mike."
Bjornar Evensen, Norway

"This is a great booklet. I like very much! A very impressive piece."
Randall Washington, Proprietor
Randakks Cycle Shack

"Excellent booklet, well done Mike, worth every penny."
Peter Heal, United Kingdom

"Thank you very much for your excellent books. I got them yesterday and in the evening I just took a quick look - but it ended up well over hour! Your style of writing and explaining things was really so good. You really know the CBX, and how to do the tasks proper way."
Anna Kervinen, Finland

"Mike, your carb cleaning how-to manual and your advice just saved me over $750! The carbs are back on, the idle circuit is set and the CBX runs better than new! Thanks again Mike and I owe you one."
Mario Rovira

"Mike Nixon...has authored a series of books that have been getting wonderful reviews covering specialized areas of CBX maintenance and repair such as cleaning your carbs, adjusting your valves and servicing the charging system. Check it out!"

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