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Customer Michael Young, Boston, MA. What Michael "rides" when he's not on his Honda CB750K5, Honda CB750K3, Ducati 900SS, or Honda CB900F. Michael's K5. Petty clean, huh? Michael's CB900F. Not many this nice. Takes me back a few years, this one does. John Cooper, Seattle, WA, 1982 CB900F in Euro livery. Gorgeous!
Ruud Van Wijnen, Northern CA, Honda CBX modded to look like Mike Hailwood's RC166. Nicely done! John DeMaria, Ontario, Canada, Honda CB750K6. Mick Landy, Ireland, UK. Limited Edition GL1000. A beautiful bike with some very distressed carburetors. Broken parts, epoxy, twisted shafts. Landy again. A doll of a bike! Show winner.
Another shot. Marvelous! Jeff Flohr, NY. Barn find. Beautiful! Scott Zbornak's GL1200 Standard. A rarely preserved example. John Lipman of Australia's 1979 CBX.
Jordan Ranum, North Dakota, 79 CBX. Little snow, there, eh? He can't wait to ride! Leon Summers, Los Gatos, CA, Laverda triple fitted with custom-assembled Mikuni RS carbs. Close up. Some history on these carbs is available here. Did some CBX carbs for Leon also.
Phil Taber's magnificant Moto Martin CBX. Did the carbs on it when it still belonged to Rod Libby. Alan Joseph, Santa Rosa, CA. Did a choke mod on these carbs for better starting. Ray Fitzpatrick on his tastefully modded CBX. Did these carbs for him. John Farrell, MA, and his nicely-kept 750 Custom.
Tore Grefslie, CBX, Norway. Ken Doelman's pretty 81 750 Custom. Very nice! Ontario, Canada. Ingar Gjersdal's very pretty CBX, in Norway. Another shot of Ingar's bike.
Another one of John Demaria's (Canada) CB750Ks. Darius Mehta's naked 81 CBX. Nice! Another shot. Pretty nice, Daraius! Mark Southgate, UK. CX500 with Euro carburetors. Look closely and you will see on the fuel tank the emblem of the Isle of Man, where Mark keeps the bike.
Tom Kerxhalli's recent find, a glorious VF1000F. Thank you Tom for your business! The carbs close up. Another of Darius' bikes, this one a pristine 750K0. Close-up of the carburetors.
And yet another of Darius' vintage Hondas, a CB350 Four in fantastic state. And a close-up. Had the privilege of doing some fine tuning on Chuck McCaskill's 76 GL1000. Nicely preserved original mileage bike! Here a set of Yamaha 550 Vision carbs belonging to a customer in Buffalo, NY. When the bike is fully restored I'll put a picture of it up. It's already running good though.
The 78 CBX of Patrick Timbs in Australia. A super low-mile unit, almost a crate bike! Beautiful! And a closeup of Patrick's engine. The CBX of Chris Guidry of Louisiana. Did some minor repair on these carburetors.   Peter Davey's bike, Australia. Euro CB750 nicely restored! Magnificent, Peter!
Close up of Peter's bike. 1975 GL1000, Fred Waller, CA. Incredibly nice bike with some very neglected carburetors. Ken Doelman's bike. A CB750 Custom. Very pretty machine. Steve Bryant's V45 Maggie
Brian Johnson's very pretty GL1000 in Alaska. Bruno Virgili's pretty CB350F in Australia. You sure went through some trials with this one, didn't you Bruno?! Jonathan Napier's nicely preserved 900 Bol dOr. One of my favorite bikes! Allen Lusk's immaculate 79 CBX. What a beauty!
Allen's other ride, a "Continuation" Cobra. Sweet! Mike Kroeker of Kansas' beautiful CB1100F, a lovingly-restored example. A father/son project, Mike is finally able to enjoy it! William Mills' clean VF700F Interceptor. Mike Matthews, WA state. Carbs just installed, valves adjusted, bike running sweet! Click on picture to see video.
A very nice 1977 CB550K owned by Joey Kerxhalli in MA. Kirk Economos' unbelieveably clean KZ1000P. A nice guy and a very nice machine. Daniel Ruegemer's very well preserved Honda Reflex. Daniel's a pretty fair mechanic too! A view from the seat of customer Mike Mathews of Salt Lake City's other "ride."
Customer Peter Brunner's BMW R25/3. Sweet! Chris Hansel's 1981 Honda CBX. Running good now, huh Chris? Another of Peter Davey's bikes. And yet another. Euro spec bikes in the land down under.
The nicely executed cafe 550 of Mike Bunn, actually a father/son project. CBX. Gordon Anderson in California. Very well fettled, this bike. VF1100S. Bruce Hanson. Pretty.
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