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This is my V4 page. It's just a collection of my thoughts and experiences with the first-generation of Honda V4s, i.e. from 1982 through 1985. During some of that time I was employed by American Honda, the US corporate headquarters for the Honda company, and before and after by various dealerships. Thus I was thrust into very close contact with the models and their fame, features and foibles. I know there are really informative and pretty sites on this subject out there, remarkable resources. Mine is simply a somewhat technical reminiscence from a career Honda mechanic's perspective. I hope you enjoy it.

The introduction of Honda's V4
V4 cams: what really happened
First-generation V4 fallacies
A review of Julian Ryder's book
Early VF750 cam supercessions
VF1100C resto
V4 carb rebuild how-to booklet
K&N air filters
  More on V4 cams
V4s in the shop
Honda first-generation V4 bulletins
Ten things every first-gen V4 owner should know
V4 carb rebuilding service
V4 cam chain tensioners
V4 valve cover

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