® Trick Tools #2: Carburetor Repair Tools

Here is an assortment of tools likely to be found in the career powersports technician's toolbox. This particular collection assists in the repair and cleaning of carburetors.

  1. Beginning from the left, the special Torx screwdriver is needed on many of the Mikuni carbs used on Suzukis.

  2. Next (number "2") is a group of very special taps, in sizes and pitches to match the various threaded parts on Asian carburetors, such as for the enrichment valves.

  3. Item number "3" is a mini butane torch, commonly used to remove the super-glued mixture screw limiters prior to servicing the idle mixture circuit.

  4. Number "4" is a tiny ball-tip Allen screwdriver. This tool comes in some jetting kits for the purpose of adjusting the jet needle.

  5. The three tools in group "5" assist in the cleaning of the carburetor's passages, specifically the idle circuit. The first item is a piece of wire in a pin vise. The second is a needle tip for the air blower. The third is a homemade mixture screw o-ring retrieval tool.

  6. Number "6" is another tap, this one custom made from a broken enrichener valve.

  7. Item number "7" is another tap. This one is designed to tap new holes in Honda fuel valves so that they can be rebuilt.

  8. The two tools in group "8" are custom fashioned to help extract broken mixture screws, a common problem in older Mikuni carburetors.

  9. Number "9" depicts a factory Honda jet wire sizing/cleaning set. A very handy tool, this.

  10. The drills illustrated at number "10" are commonly sold as jet drills. While no substitute for the correct size jet, they can be handly in cleaning and sizing, and the very occasional need to make a custom jet.

  11. Finally, item number "11" is a Mityvac connected to a custom made fitting designed to test float valves for leakage.

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