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Do you really want to use a carb rebuilder who after shilling forums has been banned from them and hired people to befriend other rebuilders so they can steal their business secrets?

Can you trust a carburetor rebuilder who thinks you can run your carbs dry of fuel, that big bores require bigger jets, and that carb slides rise from air filter restriction?

Are you going to believe the forum Honda expert who uses feeler gauges to measure piston-to-cylinder clearance, hones cylinders with a brake hone and advocates refacing Honda valves?

How good will the carb work be from someone who doesn't even have a background in motorcycles and who thinks carburetors have to be synced only once in a great while?

And you vintage Honda four cylinder owners, how I feel for you. What drivel you must subject yourselves to; what strident, immature, incompetent noise is passed off as advice on the sohc4 forum!

What about those who think a valve job includes lapping valves? Is that who you're trusting with your engine work?

Think, people! Get off Facebook and face reality!

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