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I have to say, the Concours 14 is one of my favorite modern motorcycles; definitely in the top five. A most interesting bike. Very powerful, of course, but also, especially for a Kawasaki, very refined and balanced. Kind of like how I and many others felt about the Honda CBX1000 at its introduction. I had a loaner ZG for almost a year, didn't want to part with it. Great bike. This page lists all the things I have on my website concerning the Kawasaki Concours 14. I am no longer with the company, and some of this will be dated by now, but it may still be interesting and even useful to some.

Introduction to the Kawasaki Concours

This introduction to the Concours 14, written by myself, was originally published in the corporate Kawasaki generated dealer newsletter, the K-Tech News, a publication that ceased in 2014. A lot of new Kawasaki technology befitting a flagship machine was found in this new for 2007 (the first year model was released for sale a year before its actual model year) sport tourer.

Concours media Q and A

An edited but complete transcript of the initial media questions fielded by Kawasaki marketing folks at the bike's intro. Some revealing stuff here. My comments are appended throughout.

The Concours initial sales numbers

This may surprise some people. Not only that the Concours sold in as low numbers as it did, but also that it reveals that Kawasaki themselves is actually a fairly small company in respect to the Big Four.

The Concours and KIPASS

Kawasaki Intelligent Proximity Activation Start System. What the Concours' KIPASS is, where it came from, its benefits, its issues, an explanation of the technology.

The Concours and KDS

Kawasaki Diagnostic System. What KDS is, what it does, how to get it. A bonus: access to the official Kawasaki KDS dealer course training manual.

The Concours and ABS

The Concours ABS compared with other types of ABS found on Kawasaki models.

The Concours police bike recall

The Concours police bike recall. Behind the scenes. Not many are aware of what happened and why. Kawasaki's recall of the police-modified Concours, a product that wasn't even theirs, put the company ethically far above their competition.

The Concours ten years later

A retrospective, historical look back on one of the most significant motorcycles in modern times.

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