® GL1000 myths

The Honda GL1000 is a marvelously iconic and special motorcycle. One of my favorites, it has an appeal that is unmistakable, and yet it is inevitably misunderstood, abused and neglected mechanically. Here are some misconceptions and myths in regard to this machine.

  • The carburetors are too difficult to service and tune
  • A single-carb conversion is a good thing
  • Aftermarket keyswitches are just as good as OEM
  • The carburetors are the most important part of tuning
  • There's nothing wrong with aftermarket suppressive plug wires
  • Premium gas is best
  • The factory's pilot screw settings are correct
  • An aftermarket ignition system improves performance
  • Aftermarket gauze or foam air filters are good
  • Running the carbs "dry" is a worthwhile storage technique
  • Ignition timing is best performed dynamically
  • The carb vacuum tops and slides are factory matched
  • The ignition ballast resistor is a critical part
  • The Dyna aftermarket ignition is easy to time
  • The so-called "split timing" technique was introduced by former Honda corp employee Robert Overby
  • The rubber hoses connected to the air plenum carry vacuum

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Last updated November 2022
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