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In what seems a lifetime ago, after already by that time being in the industry for some twenty years, I was listening to the owner of a newly established independent shop who was insisting that his aftermarket keyswitches (for the CBX) were, despite their surprisingly low cost, supposedly the exact same item Honda put in its bikes at the factory. I was very skeptical, having as most mechanics firsthand experience with this exact part and knowing without a shred of doubt it was inferior to the OEM. It doesn't take more than a few minutes with the part to know this. But he was not a mechanical kind of guy and would not listen. Then maybe ten years later, someone somewhere did the inevitable empirical testing and research on this part, and the matter has since been put to rest. The Chinese keyswitches were discovered to be sourced from a bike a third of the size of the CBX, with commensurately lower current ratings, etc., not to mention zinc bodies, sloppy machining resulting in mushy feeling detents, etc. The point is this: This shop owner was adamant that his aftermarket sales rep assured him of the truth of this fantasy, while we in the trenches knew different. I almost never believe the line about "same as supplied to the OEM". That idea has some valid currency in the automotive trade, which has a very different history than does the motorcycle world, but it has been proved untrue in powersports. To this day I would rather (and have many times when necessary) buy a used OEM keyswitch than a new Chinese one.

Last updated November 2022
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