The CBX1000 Carburetor Rebuild Details

Idle: Non-threaded, #35
Primary main: #65
Secondary main: #98
Jet needle: 05F

Idle: Non-threaded, #35
Primary/secondary main: NA
Main: #110
Jet needle: 55A

ID: VB64A[A]
Idle: Non-threaded #35
Primary/secondary main: NA
Main: #105
Jet needle: 55A

ID: VB64A[B], VB64B[A]
Idle: Threaded #35
Primary/secondary main: NA
Main: #105
Jet needle: 55A

VB61, VB63, VB65 non-U.S.

Venturi, all: 28mm
Float level, all: 15.5mm
Accelerator pump
Metal piston (SU type) venturi
Butterfly choke

What's included:
  • As shown on the timeline graphic above, on average, 25 hours go into a set of CBX carbs
  • Commercial grade ultrasonic cleaning of all parts, not just the castings
  • Hand circuit confirmation
  • Passages bottle brushed
  • Close inspection of mating parts
  • The odd, simple repair (float bowl standpipes, stuck jets, the odd pulled thread)
  • Choke system blueprinted
  • Accelerator pump system blueprinted
  • Aircut valve rebuilt
  • All pivots and linkages carefully lubricated
  • Fast idle set up
  • Vacuum petcock (auto valve) tested
  • Float bowl venting tested
  • Jets removed and sizes measured
  • Float levels carefully adjusted using the official Honda tool and method
  • Spotless, "clean room" like assembly
  • The use of proprietary, custom-made, exotic tools to ensure an uncompromising result
  • Meticulous bench throttle sync
  • Carbs leak tested
  • Unparalleled secure packing and shipping
  • Availability after the rebuild for consulation
Including these new parts:
  • New high quality float bowl gaskets
  • New Viton fuel o-rings
  • New accelerator pump diaphragm
  • New idle mixture screw o-rings
  • Missing vacuum sealing washers replaced
  • More durable Delrin bowl vent tees
  • Ripped linkage damper seals replaced
  • Over $50 worth of new screws (73 OEM Phillips screws!)
Available upgrades:
  • Vapor blasting of carb bodies
  • New zinc plating of steadies and brackets
  • Exquisite professional weld repair of castings
  • Proprietary choke modification for easier starts
  • Premium grade OEM type fuel hose
  • Vacuum petcock (auto valve) rebuild (82 model only at this time)
  • New felt throttle shaft seals
  • Jetting for individual (pod) air filters
  • Allen screws

     Plus shipping
     $990 after June 1
  Over 46 years' experience Machine shop on premises No excuses guarantee

Shipping is by insured FedEx to 48 states, Latin American and Asia (except Japan). Insured USPS Priority everywhere else, including to Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, Western and Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

Upgrades are options for going beyond the thorough, basic carb rebuild. Some rebuilders claim to offer more by including many of these things as standard, but actually cut corners in the basic rebuild in order to provide the extras at no additional cost. There really is "no free lunch."

Unexpected expenses
Sometimes missing or broken parts become evident during a rebuild. I include a number of unexpected repairs and services in my rebuilds even though not all carbs need them. Thread repair and float bowl repair are examples. Even some unexpected parts, such as the bowl vent tees. However, slides, tops, throttle plates, float bowls, floats, castings, jets -- these are expensive parts that are rarely needed. All customers should not have to bear the cost burden for these parts when only one out of fifty customers needs them. You are given a chance to sign off on such things if they present themselves. No surprises come invoice time. That's my promise to you.

I don't use commonly-available kit parts in CBX carbs because they are junk. This includes Dynojet kits, which are next to useless on the CBX carburetor. If I wouldn't put it on my carburetor, it doesn't go onto yours.

My guarantee is simple. I am not satisfied until you are. No matter what the issue, I will stick it out with you until it is resolved. I am blessed to be able to say very few times has a significant oversight emerged.

Please read
First things first. Avoid assuming that the trouble you're having is neccessarily carburetor related. After measuring cylinder compression, ignition timing and spark strength (using a special opened up spark plug), and ensuring good fuel flow through fuel tank and petcock, confirm the final diagnosis with the t-shirt test. Loosely wrap a t-shirt around your air filter element as a test. If the engine runs better, then carburetion is indicated as a problem. If no change or worse, repeat the test with neither t-shirt nor air filter element. Improvement in either case indicates carburetion. No improvmenet in either case mostly exonerates your carburetors as the trouble. When ready to send me your carbs for shipping, be sure to drain them well before packing, include in a baggie any loose pieces. Be especially careful with the float bowl overflow hoses, they are the most delicate parts during shipping. In fact it's best actually to remove them. Please advise me of any modifications on the motorcycle, the type of air filter used, what you have been getting for fuel mileage, and be sure to aprise me of any peformance issues you have been experiencing and what if anything has been done in response. Please use my shipping checklist and see shipping tips here.

Other rebuilders
There are a lot of other carburetor rebuilders out there, and some very capable ones. Naturally, each of us believes we have the most to offer. Don't choose on the basis of hype or rhetoric. Look at the customer feedback, sense the depth of background/experience (choose a rebuilder who has a powersports technician background, that is, who knows the bikes the carbs go on and didn't just one day decide to rebuild carburetors), and gauge the rebuilder's integrity. Everything else is marketing. There seems to be a little infighting, if that is the correct term, among rebuilders. I try hard to stay out of it, so please don't ask me to comment on other carburetor rebuilders.

Overseas customs issues
It's an unfortunate and frustrating situation with goods returning to Europe and Scandinavia, and their prohibitively high customs duty. I have learned that marking the box a certain way helps, and I do that whenever possible. Please don't ask me to falsify customs documents. I feel your frustration and angst over this, believe me, but my life as a Christian prevents me from taking that tack. If there is anything else I can do I am willing to do it, simply let me know.

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