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This is good packing. The box is adequately-sized (especially as to length), the carbs are bubble-wrapped, cardboard is used on the insides of the box to reinforce it, and stiff paper filler is used instead of peanuts.
You and I want the same thing. Safe, reliable, trackable shipping at a reasonable cost. Experience has shown that for continental shipping, nothing beats FedEx. It's economical, reliable, and eminently trackable. It's great. However, outside the contigious U.S., that is, to Alaska, Hawaii, Western and Eastern Europe, Canada and Scandinavia, USPS Priority delivers the best value. And to Latin America, for any reasonable certainty of safe delivery, DHL is the only way.
  Please ship insured rather than signature required.  Thank you!  
It's an unfortunate and frustrating situation with goods returning to Europe and Scandinavia, and their prohibitively high customs duty. Marking the box a certain way helps, at least in Scandinavia. Please don't ask me to falsify customs documents. I feel your frustration and angst over this, believe me, but my life as a Christian prevents me from taking that tack. If there is anything else I can do I am willing to do it, simply let me know.
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It is worth your while to take special care when packing carburetors. Inline four carbs often have delicate pieces sticking out that are easily damaged. These K8 carbs really need protection on the bottom so that their brass overflow nipples don't get damaged. Tape a thick piece of cardboard and follow that up with bubble wrap. The nipples cannot be straightened and replacement float bowls are spendy.
Shipped Gold Wing carburetors are especially vulnerable in this particular area, the throttle bellcrank. A piece of round cardboard taped over the bellcrank works well to keep these carbs from poking through their boxes.
On Honda SOHC Four carbs, cardboard-wrapping the throttle cable bracket lessens the chance that the carbs will poke through or tear up the shipping box. On many Honda carbs, tighten the choke cable clamp before shipping. If left loose, the rigors of travel will cause the clamp to fall out inside the box and get lost.
When paying using PayPal, please make sure your PayPal shipping address is up to date.
CBX1000 GL1000/1100/1200/1500 CB350/400/550/650/750
CB900F/C/CB1100F VF/R400/500/750/1000/1100 CB/CM400/CX/GL500/650
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Boxes going long-distance really shouldn't be reused ones, as the cardboard may be weakened.
Shippers can definitely be rough on boxes, so plan accordingly.
The float bowls on the carbs in this box were badly damaged in shipment. See all the holes?
Another damaged box. Pack with a care and don't let your carbs get damaged in shipping.
A word about shipping with peanuts.

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