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The public is mislead by many who portray themselves as mechanics. They are actually restorers. Restorers labor under a significant delusion. Most restorers think of themselves wrongly. They invariably are very good at painting or detailing or have a lot of experience in polishing and chroming. They have learned how to find NOS parts. They have taught themselves how to restore instruments and will zinc plate every fastener in sight. That's great. But they seldom could be called mechanics, though they view themselves as such. Their work exhibits over and over much that they are unaware of when it comes to best mechanical practice.

A large number of my customers and folks I deal with are restorers. Their work is beautiful, exceptional, appealing. But always there are mechanical shortcomings. And this is because they think being a mechanic means simply getting the job done. That there are no best practices. Mechanical methods to them are less important than shine and newness. They're unaware of mechanical principles. A few restorers have come to realize the difference between polish and professionalism. But most have not.

Last updated February 2022
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