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If you've ever tasted real parmesan cheese you probably gag just thinking about this Kraft imitation. A look at the ingredients reveals that they include "celluose". Not as simple as sawdust, though it is related, celluose actually contains more non-edible fiber than does sawdust. Think about that for a moment. I'm not Italian but I simply can't abide the stuff, primarily on the basis of the almost indefinable, mostly salted-cardboard flavor.

While the food industry has always deceived us, going back into the 1800s when chalk was added to milk to hide its being diluted with water and to the modern day with our chicken being "bleached", i.e. washed with chlorine to improve its appearance--our chicken is banned in many non-U.S. countries--we don't necessarily expect the same from assumed trustworthy user forums. But we should. Not entirely discredited, okay. But like the Kraft product, powersports user forums' incessant misinformation, the mixing of truth and error, leaves a bad taste in the mouth. And like the ubiquitous spaghetti topping, many will not realize it until they discover the real thing.

Last updated September 2023
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