® Quick Knowledge Test

Here's a quick, limited test of your general mechanical understanding of powersports vehicles, from the perspective of a career technician. This test was actually used to interview prospective hires among MMI students when I was a dealer service manager. Enjoy.

  1. What are carburetor bypass (or "transfer") ports? Where are they located, what do they do, and which carburetor circuit feeds them?
  2. When using a multimeter to measure electrical current, is the meter connected to the circuit in parallel or in series?
  3. Describe a voltage drop test on a charging system field coil.
  4. An engine won't start. The EGA reads higher than normal HC and zero CO. What is the problem?
  5. Raising a damper tube type fork's oil level will have what effect on the fork's action?
  6. Name the six parts of an AC-CDI system.
  7. Name the largest gear on a 5-speed, indirect-drive transmission's output or countershaft.
  8. When cutting a valve seat, which cutter is used to move the seat toward the combustion chamber?
  9. What type of gear is always opposite a sliding gear in a powersports constant mesh transmission?
  10. A hole in the rubber diaphragm of a constant velocity (CV) carburetor will cause the engine to act how?

The answers can be found here. Don't cheat! If you like this quiz, try the real thing, the Scholarship Exam used by MMI in the late 1990s. You can find it here.
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