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Folks push back-- alot --when I talk about the proper way to do a valve job or rehabilitate a cylinder or the right parts to use in rebuilding a carburetor. I understand the real world, that there are financial reasons for not doing a thing exactly, perfectly right. For not using best practices. But when people want to argue the very idea of best practice, as if there is no such thing? That, I don't get. And I have no time for it.

Best practices do exist, in every field. So here's another way to think of it. I had some spicy queso for lunch the other day, made me think of an analogy. I know the dip I was eating wasn't one-hundred percent cheese. No way. Cheese-based foods are among the most adulterated. Additives such as cellulose, corn starch and other fillers are used to stretch out the food, make it cheaper. But it's still called cheese, isn't it? Unless you read the fine print somewhere, you don't know how much cheese is in your cheese. And not even then. But no one has to tell you that in the cheese world there is good, better and best. Just as in wine, tax preparation and housepaint. Right?

Best practices are the same way. Staying with the food example let's take aged New York sharp cheddar and Cheese Whiz. Now there's a spectrum! Where do you want to fall within that? Somewhere in the middle is, I suppose, "pub cheese" and American slices. Still sounds pretty gross to me. Definitely there is a ways to go to get to the real thing even from there. You have choices. You know that intuitively. Yes, there is such a thing as best practice.

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