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Rebuilding the Honda GL1000 Carburetor
From its inception a very comprehensive book, the most thorough and professional of any book or video on the GL1000 carburetor. I guarantee it! With the second edition this already-weighty book is now 56 pages covering removal and installation, QR codes pointing to helpful videos, completely disassembling, inspecting, cleaing, minor repairs and reassembly. Also, telling the jets apart, especially the air bleed jets. How to stop that sludge formation on the carb slides. The correct way to install parts. Getting all those bushings and cotter pins back in correctly. How to tell the four carburetor castings from each other. Flushing each circuit. Where to get rebuild gaskets and seals. Everything you need to know to do an expert job on the venerable old Wing carburetor set. Check out my other carb books also, on the Honda CBX, CX500, SOHC 750, and the Honda V4s. Contact me for more information. And here is the sample page.

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