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Cleaning the Honda DOHC Four Carburetor
Here's a booklet on cleaning and completely overhauling, including o-ring replacement, the popular Honda DOHC 750, 900, 1000, 1100 Four carburetors. Circuit identification, the correct way to ensure passages are clear, cleaning the pressed-in idle jets in the earlier models, and more. Included is instruction for both kinds of carbs used on these bikes, the early 3-jet models and the later 2-jet carbs. And, this booklet also addresses the vacuum piston (CV) carbureted Honda CB650 SOHC. Inspecting, cleaning, reassembly, it's all there. Check out my other carb books also, on the Honda CBX, CX500, SOHC 750, and the Honda V4s. This is an 8 1/2" by 11", 40-page booklet, chock full of step-by-step illustrations, more than 140 of them, and most of them close-ups. Contact me for more information. Here's a sample page.

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There are a couple other fairly popular books on the DOHC four carb out there. But consider some of the bad advice you'll get with them. They'll tell you to abrasive polish your float valve seats. They'll have you drag wire under those preciously fragile throttle plates. They avoid the issue of the importance of removing the idle jets and primary tubes, and separating the secondary main jets from their holders. They promote the use of carb rebuild kits. They have you unnecessarily remove the sync linkage. With the most popular one having over 25 errors, these books exhibit an astonishing lack of knowledge of basic carburetion, let alone a solid familiarity with this particular carburetor. They downplay the importance of float measurement, and some have itty bitty pictures, if any at all. In short, they're just not the best. Don't mess around. Get the best!

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