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Cleaning the Honda CX500 Carburetor
In its third edition, the book is revised and expanded to over 35 pages. Now includes o-ring replacement! It show graphically how to clean and properly assemble the carburetors on the CX500, CX650, GL500, GL650, and 1978~1983 CB/CM 400/450, all of whose carburetors use the same basic casting. The differences lie only in machining and jetting. Please note: The later 450, the CMX450 Rebel, has very different carburetors so is not covered in this booklet. You'll find professional techniques, instruction in the use of a few simple special tools, little-known trouble-saving tips and timesavers, basic carburetor repair methods, and such helps as how to do away with the pesky air cut valve circuit. As usual this is an 8 1/2" by 11", 35-page booklet, devoted to inspection, cleaning, and reassembly, and is chock full of the by-now-trademark step-by-step illustrations, more than 130 of them, most of them close-ups. Don't overlook the CBX, DOHC Four, and SOHC Four carb rebuild books if you are interested in those, as well. Contact me for more information. Here's a sample page.

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