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Adjusting the CBX Valves
Valve adjustment may seem pretty simple, but there are some important steps to this most critical service of all on the Honda CBX1000. Don't overlook its importance. Adjusting the CBX Valves covers the whole valve adjustment process. Included is how to use shim removal tools, how to do the job without having a box full of valve shims, and even the adjustment of the often troublesome cam chains. Also included is dealing with the CBX's tendancy to have poor valve sealing, and what to do about it during the valve adjustment. How to use a leakdown tester, and the best way to measure valve shims. Everything is laid out step by step. Like the carburetor book, this is an 8 1/2" by 11" booklet. It runs to 30 pages, and contains more than 80 clear, to-the-point illustrations, most of them close-ups. Also included are line drawings of critical areas. And, except for the index marks on the crankshaft, all the steps are equally applicable to the CBX's smaller cousins, the early 80s DOHC CB750, CB900/1000 and CB1100 Honda Fours. Fast USPS Priority Mail shipping. Contact me for more information. Here's a sample page.

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