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Servicing the CBX Charging System
The CBX charging booklet is a very special book. Servicing the CBX Charging System offers a close-up look at testing the CBX charging system. A bit more technical than the others, but like the rest, systematic and laid out in everyday terms. This book includes testing for bad wires and connectors, and checking common failure points in the system such as the rotor and brushes. There is also quite a bit about the use of the digial VOM and other special equipment, some of which you can make yourself. Also included are simple drawings of the charging system, and an easy-to-follow 3-Step Troubleshooting flowchart. Like the others, this is an 8 1/2" by 11" booklet, running to about 30 pages, and contains over 100 clear illustrations, many of them close-ups. And, except for the location of the alternator rotor, all the steps are equally applicable to the very similarly-equipped early DOHC CB750, CB900/1000 and CB1100 Honda Fours, as well as the SOHC CB650. For the Honda SOHC Fours, check out another booklet I have available. Don't just throw parts at the problem until it's fixed. Do it right. Contact me for more information. Here's a sample page.

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