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Tuning Up the Honda SOHC 750 Four
The first in a series of Honda SOHC Four booklets, Tuning Up the Honda SOHC 750 Four covers step by step how a professional tech would do a complete scheduled maintenance service on the venerable old 1969~1978 Honda 750 from axle to axle. In other words, this book is not about modifications or jetting or getting more power. It's about maintenance. Factory recommended periodic maintenance procedures combined in one episode. Besides the best technique for valve adjustment, you'll also find the factory's own recommendation for optimum ignition system performance, the proper way to adjust the cam chain, correctly servicing and adjusting the drive chain, chassis maintenance, and adjusting the carburetors. This is a very comprehensive booklet, over 40 pages and more than 150 clear illustrations, many of them close-ups. And, some of the steps, such as servicing the ignition system, apply equally to Honda's smaller vintage SOHC fours. Another booklet is available for blueprinting the Honda SOHC Four ignition system. This one is an overall maintenance service book. Contact me for more information. Click here for a sample page, and here for a short "teaser."

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