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Replacing the Honda SOHC 750 Head Gasket
Head gasket leaking oil? This is a common maintenance need on all the older Honda SOHC fours, but especially the venerable CB750. Replacing the Honda SOHC 750 Head Gasket takes you step-by-step through replacing the head gasket. You'll learn about the correct tools and procedures and how to inspect for wear of associated parts. There are even some tips on making the head gasket last longer than usual. All of this as it relates to this important task. And don't think that this booklet is simply about the head gasket. It also contains valuable tips on checking for engine oil leaks of any kind, potential problem areas in the top end of this engine, the use of special tools such as the factory Honda piston ring compressors, the proper use of sealants, measuring the critical engine parts that are apart when the head gasket is replaced, proper bolt torquing procedures, and the correct way to adjust the cam chain -- even how to repair stripped threads! Consider this one a top end rebuild book. The focus of this booklet is the very methodical approach. Fully half of this 8 1/2" by 11", 40-page booklet is devoted to careful inspection and reassembly. Over 140 clear illustrations, most of them close-ups. Contact me for more information. Here's a sample page.

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