® The GL1000 ballast resistor

Honda used a part on the GL1000 that came from the auto world, the ignition ballast resistor. Not too surprising, considering that Honda's auto division designed this engine. In fact, consider how many -600 center codes there are in the GL1000 engine's part numbers, a number that was at the time of the Wing's intro reserved for the company's car parts. And witness the pressed piston pins in this engine, another auto technology. Very revealing.

The purpose of the resistor is to conserve voltage. During starting, the resistor is bypassed, allowing the full 12 volts to the ignition coils. Then once running, the coils are fed through the resistor, receiving only 6-8 volts. All of this happens through simple wiring and the action of the start button. It's a goofy system and typical of what happens when the two galaxies -- powersports and automobile -- collide as they did in the GL1000.

Last updated November 2021
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