® Arranging the chairs on the Titanic

I am not shy about calling out the nonsense on powersports user forums. Nor am I exaggerating when I characterize them as pissing away their obligation as extremely powerful social influencers by evidencing virtual drunkenness in being absorbed in the vacuous, the sensational and titillating, while ignoring the practical, proven, best practice, historical facets of vintage Honda motorcycle ownership. Generations ago the saying was, "Arranging the chairs on the Titanic", meaning stupidly ignoring the serious issue while obsessed with the relatively trivial. That describes forums very well.

This is supremely observable. On any one of a number of forums you can find countless threads stretching into months of discussion on things that not one of the posters has any knowledge about at all. It's intellectual Doritos. Mindless posturing, pissing up a rope. Of course, being that these are communities, one should not be surprised at this, though it is discouraging. And what makes it discouraging is that all of this ethereal content takes the place of real issues, the real everyday concerns of the owners of fifty year old Hondas. You must understand this about forums.

Last updated January 2024
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