® Not a touring bike

Just as with any 50-year old motorcycle, the GL1000 should not be regarded as a viable touring bike. This may hurt some feelings, but there it is.

I am nuts about 70s Hondas. They're in my DNA. No one appreciates them, enjoys them as thoroughly, as I. However, I'll tell you what I tell all my vintage customers: I would never ride a 50-year old motorcycle very far-- certainly not out of town nevermind out of the state. There isn't a single replaceable part on that bike that can be purchased from a brick and mortar store. Not even the spark plugs. Maybe a turnsignal bulb. A fuse. Maybe.

Virtually every part you will ever put into that machine will be hard won-- diligently sought out over long periods online, purchased with big dollars, anxiously waited on during delivery because either the seller was patently unreliable or he was in Bangkok, and installed with something approaching misgiving if it is not installed by someone like myself who has the experience to know what he's actually doing. These are the facts of life with a bike of this vintage. It's a great bike. But it is also demanding on the order of an obsession.

Last updated January 2022
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