Kawasaaki Live Training

Two kinds of live training are offered to dealers each year, seminars and hands-on. Below are some examples of Kawasaki hands-on training conducted between 2013 and 2016. I was tasked with creating the courses, writing the lesson plans, designing the covers, handling logistics, instructor support, online catalog, dates, locations, online registration, course equipment and supplies, and certificates and plaques.

This is a one-day course immersing the student fully into the spectacular and history-making 2015 Kawasaki H2. Axle to axle, top to bottom, history, maintenance, design, it's all covered.
  • Intro to the H2
  • The H2 in the Media
  • The H2 Engine
  • The H2 Clutch and Transmission
  • The H2's Digital Fuel Injection
  • The H2 Supercharger
  • The H2's Chassis
  • H2 Body Design
  • H2 Body Aerodynamics
  • H2 Electrical
  • H2 Instrument
  • The H2's Rider Assistance Electronics
  • H2 and H2R Differences
  • H2 and H2R Maintenance
  • Updates to the 2016 H2
A two-day course, KDS is Kawasaki's laptop based digital diagnostic system for all its fuel injected vehicles. The KDS Intermediate course has as a prerequisite an online eLearning piece called Introduction to KDS. KDS Intermediate covers everthing from installation to connecting to the vehicle to the seven built in tools in KDS, to known glitches.
  • Troubleshooting Basics
  • KDS Available Resources
  • KDS Hardware Basics
  • Connecting KDS to a Vehicle
  • Installing the KDS Software
  • The Seven KDS Functions
  • KDS Beyond the Basics
A two-day course, Street Bike Pro Service covers the basics that we want every technician to be able to do. The student is required to perform these tasks to complete the course.
  • Service bulletins, chronology
  • 600 mile periodic maintenance
  • 15,000 mile periodic maintenance
  • Valve adjustment rocker arm
  • Valve adjustment shim
  • Throttle synchronization
  • Air filter service
  • Clutch disc measurement
  • Clutch adjustment
  • Basic troubleshooting using mechanical tools
  • Advanced troubleshooting using electronic tools
A three-day course, Side by Side Pro Service combines the Kawasaki Mule and Teryx products and establishes competency in perfoming entry-level maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.
  • Service bulletins, chronology
  • Valve adjustment
  • Teryx engine cam timing
  • Teryx engine throttle sync
  • TPS adjustment
  • 4000/4010 series Mule cooling system bleed
  • Diesel engine fuel injection pump timing
  • CVT belt inspection and deflection
  • CVT rebuilding
  • Basic troubleshooting using mechanical tools
  • Advanced troubleshooting using electronic tools
  • Power steering maintenance
A three-day course, Ultra Pro Service immerses the student in the supercharged Kawasaki Ultra personal watercraft from models to history to maintenance tasks for the entry-level technician.
  • Service bulletins, chronology
  • Finding true TDC using the engine coupler
  • Remove and replace exhaust diffuser
  • Remove and replace supercharger belt
  • Remove and replace jet pump
  • Jet pump disassembly and reassembly
  • Electronic key registration
  • Basic troubleshooting using mechanical tools
  • Advanced troubleshooting using electronic tools
  • Fogging the supercharger, old and new styles
  • Seasonal storage issues
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