® Trick Tools #1: Carburetor Tuning Tools

Here is an assortment of tools likely to be found in the career powersports technician's toolbox. Some of them are factory tools, others are, like much of professional tooling, custom made.

  1. Beginning from the left, the three tools grouped near the number "1" are modified Cal-Van automotive carburetor mixture screw screwdrivers. They have been reworked with the appropriate ends to service powersports engines having, in order, "D" shaped adjusting screws, somewhat accessible plain slotted adjusting screws, and lastly, the almost inaccessible plain slotted adjusting screws.

  2. Next (number "2") is a factory Honda carburetor synchronizing wrench, for synchronizing multiple carburetors having screw and locknut adjusters. This particular model tool has a CBX part number, and is modified by having a T-handle instead of the less-handy dogleg handle. This is one of the slimmest and easiest to use synch tools around.

  3. Item number "3" is a 10" long 3/16" drill bit. This is used to remove the mixture adjustment screw seals on in-line four carburetors while they are still on the engine. Drilling the casting that holds the seal near its edge causes the seal to pop out. Works well and saves a lot of time. Try Ace Hardware for these extra long bits.

  4. The two objects numbered "4" make up a slide hammer having a 1/4" sheet metal screw on its end. This is used to quickly remove the mixture screw seals on Asian V-twins and V-fours, after drilling.

  5. Item number "5" is a factory Honda float level gauge, actually made by Keihin, the maker of Honda carburetors. Adjustable for various specifications, this exact same tool is also available from Harley-Davidson. Measures in millimeters.

  6. The tools grouped in area number "6" are all carburetor synchro tools, for various models. The homemade bent wrench works handily on some older Honda twins, the others are from the tool catalogs of various Honda multicylinder bikes.

  7. Item number "7" is a special Snap-On screwdriver designed for carburetor mixture screw adjustment. Its light, delicate shape and feel make it ideal for carefully adjusting those mixture screws that are accessible on the sides of the carburetors.

  8. Lastly, tool number "8" is a standard factory Honda 1980s era mixture screw adjusting tool. This one is unmodified and with its cable drive is now obsolete.

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