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I recently and very reluctantly went to the emergency room at the local hospital, in pain so bad I hadn't slept more than three hours cumulatively in almost a week. But there I was. After going through a phalanx of in-betweens, finally got to see the doctor. The result was a presciption for a mild narcotic, but one apparently strong enough to prohibit unscripted refill. That was it. No exam, no personal attention at all. And the uber pain pills didn't even work if you don't count making me sick to my stomach. Forced to it, I had to diagnose and treat myself by attempting (and sometimes succeeding) in sleeping sitting up. It was the only way the pain retreated enough so I could sleep, sort of.

A couple of desparate days later I tried the neighborhood urgent care. Two and a half hours in a packed, tiny, noisy waiting room later saw a physician's assistant. Got a refill on the same ineffective "killer" drugs. No exam, no suggestions, no conversation, no diagnosis, and no result. Back on the street. And insurance wouldn't pay for it. Sigh.

Finally, I looked up a specialist. Amazing! Short wait, very personal. Knew exactly what was wrong. One cortisone shot later and an appointment for physical therapy, I was finally pain free and slept. Slept! Not only that, the meds I got referred, over the counter ones no less, unlike the gut-wrenching ones, actually worked! Incredible!

It strikes me that this is what carburetor rebuilding service providers are like. Most are dabblers, assumed to be knowledgeable, experienced, proficient professionals but far from it. The general public doesn't perceive the difference, doesn't even recognize that there is one, until they have the kind of learning experience described above. But just like the orthopedic specialist, the real carb guy knows what he is about. Take this to heart. Look for the good guy. The specialist.

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