The Purpose of My Corrective Articles
Or, Why Do You Sound Like Such a Curmudgeon at Times?

Some folks think I am pretty negative. They cite the many articles on my website in which I take certain concepts to task, correcting them, showing them as fallacies. "Man, you are always harping on some alledged inaccuracy or misconception, constantly on the offensive."

Well, I have three comments to make about this. First, and actually, I am not all that negative. Taken overall, a very small percentage of my website is given over to corrective information. After all, I am a teacher. And what if I do have some confrontational material? It's necessary in the informational climate we live in today, wherein everyone is an expert by virtue of having webspace. The fact is, there is much on the Internet that is spurious, specious, and just plain wrong.

Second, those who charge me with a curmudgeonly attitude, I ask, when you go to your doctor, do you want him to not mention anything he has found that should be a concern? He says, Hey bud, you know that $200 bottle of pills does nothing for your heart disease, right? You going to call him arrogant, a curmudgeon, self-absorbed? Do you think in medical school they don't spend most of their time learning about disease, it's identification, prevention, and cure? Think again. As a career votech (vocational technical) instructor and lifelong mechanic, I am like that medical provider. How then could I avoid the corrective angle? Can't.

And third, unlike many writers on the 'net, I don't bury my readers in page after page of non essential verbiage. I get right to the point and stay on point. I suppose in contrast this appears abrupt and insensitive. But it is far from that, as you must know if you have read even a quarter of my articles. Not that I don't have the ability to write exhaustively on a subject. I just tend to shun articles such as that, and no more want to inflict that on visitors to my site than I want it inflicted on me.

So get over it.