New Style Technical Articles

How to repair threads on carburetor castings. The tools to use, pitfalls to watch out for. A very useful article. Ultrasonic carb cleaning. What's it all about. Dividing the nonsense from the real, the good and the bad. Check it out! Constant velocity (CV) carbs. More than you wanted to know, in all likelihood. How the CV design works, the why, the how, the what.
Okay, you're looking for a carb rebuilder. They're not all the same. What to look for. How differrent rebuilders work. Jets. Seem simple enough. They're not, really. Check out this article and find out. Different types, different shapes, different systems, different threads. Whew! Four-way flashers. Easy to do. And a really good idea, too! See how easy, and don't ride without this benefit.
All you ever wanted to know about the 1980s era vintage Honda Pro-Link street bike shock. How it works, the maintenance required, how to improve it. And more! The real skinny on how Keihin idle circuits work. Why they are so much trouble to restore, where the infamous "idle drop procedure" fits into it all, and what the air cut valve does. Neat stuff! Thought-provoking treatment of the motorcycle air filter scene. Stock vs. aftermarket. The three kinds. How to service them. Strengths and weaknesses.
Little known issue with all the 80s era shaft drive Hondas. Check it out. What caused the problem, how to deal with it. Troubleshooting the charging system on the 79~83 CB750/900/1000/1100 and CBX models. The right tools, the right methodology. Check it out! Troubleshooting the ignition system on the 79~83 CB750/900/1000/1100 and CBX models. Conclusive tests, easily performed without a lot of specialized tools.
Preparation, the correct tools and procedures, doing the job, pitfalls and special notes. Enjoy!