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Please excuse the condition of this article. It is being rebuilt.

My own CBX two years after buying it direct from American Honda, the U.S. headquarters, in 1983. An 81 model, I shortly put 56,000 miles on the bike (over 20,000 the first year). Details on the modifications apparent in this pix are found below.

As delivered by the factory. Picture from a factory brochure. Right after buying it on a employee sale in while working for American Honda. The CB1100F is a brand new loaner bike from the office. Same picture, different angle. After washing the bike one day. The pickup in the background is a fairly new 1982 Toyota.
On a long-distance trip, just crossing into Arizona. Same trip, Colorado state line. Picture taken in front of a hotel in Galena, IL on a later trip. Saddlebags are from a GL500 Silverwing that were salvaged from a wrecked bike, the mountings modified just for this trip. Close up. Note the bags are more or less the same shape as the stock CBX but quite a bit roomier. Still quick-release.
1984, now the bike is as at the picture at top. A number of modifications. Ontario Moto Tech (formerly called YRS, Yoshima Racing Service) mufflers designed for the VF1000F. I somewhat cobbily made the exhaust system from scratch, starting with a set of headpipes from an aftermarket exhaust. Note the saddlebag mounts are removed and the factory optional (Hondaline) turnsignal relocation kit is installed. The handlebars look stock but are actually shorter bars from a 750 Sabre (VF750S).
Many changes to the fairing, instruments, and handlebars. But there are actually dozens of improvements, such as the addition of hazard flashers. The fairing pockets are actually from a Euro/Hondaline fairing for a CB900F. Zippered instead of trap-doored and larger inside. They also snap in and out. The fairing itself has been modified so it mounts closer to the bike and slightly higher. The fairing reorientation was carried out by a simple alteration of the fairing main mounting bracket.
With the fariring pulled in, the intrument mounting had to be modified, and note also a full compliment of all four of the factory optional red-faced gauges. There is also an ammeter where the voltmeter used to be. The wheels are painted satin black, the rear brake disc has been exchanged for one from a CB125, mounted onto the stock disc carrier and the caliper slung downward and mounted to a hanger that has been bushed and the stay arm bolted to the frame, all to make the brake "floating" in design. The front brake discs were exchanged for lighter units from a GL1100 Aspendcade, and note also the CB1100F fork with anti-dive. Twenty years later, 2004, after buying the bike back from the fellow I had sold it to and who had owned it for ten years and put just 5,000 miles on. Now the bike is painted black. Used this pix for a brief time as a cover photo for one of my booklets.
Nine years later, 2013 now, and finally doing something with the bike after letting it sit for almost another 10 years. You can see here the damage sitting does to a bike. Some of the goodies in store for the next go-round with this bike, at least if the Lord wills it and I live long enough. Nice 6-pot calipers, Kawasaki. Stay tuned!
Concept sketch #1, done on my iPad (without a stylus). Fiamm horns, which the bike came back to me without despite that it had them when sold. Lord willing, it will have them again.

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