® Mikuni RS Fitment to a Laverda Triple

The Mikuni RS (radial slide) carbs were developed for track use only. They are however some of the best carbs for use on the street. And probably the easiest to tune. These are very interesting carburetors. Well made, yet simple. Of course they are flat slide type, whose claim to fame is spectacular throttle response. They are also smoothbore, of course, as all high performance carbs are.
First popularized on Suzuki GSX-Rs, then Kawasakis and ultimately early Honda DOHC fours, they are amazingly effective on the Laverda triple, probably mostly because the stock Del Ortos are so ineffective. One machine they do not work well on however is the CBX, because RS were never available in a size small enough for this engine. Other high performance carbs exist that do a better job on the CBX. The carbs have to be reracked for use on the Laverda, which is a triple, and also because the Laverda's spacing is uneven. In addition, whole new fuel passage pipes and throttle shaft must be fabricated.
Here are the newly machined fuel tubes. Here are the tubes being machined from solid brass rod. And here is an example of the fuel tube tee after silver soldering. The carbs' steady brackets must also be redesigned and made.
The throttle shaft being machined from cold rolled steel. And here is the end result. In this particular example the steady brackets were made of stainless steel for beauty. It is not unusual for folks to confuse Mikuni RS for another type of carburetor, from a stock non-U.S. model Suzuki GSX-R750. They are not the same however.
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